How to Introduce a Dog to a Cat?

Posted by Dog citizen in 03/Feb/2017

By Joilva Duarte, team Dressage Rider Dog citizen.

Introduce a dog to a cat doesn’t be something traumatic for either of them. Also, they can become good friends, with some tips that can help you in socialization.

Step by step

First, the location of the presentation should be a safe and controlled environment. Cats are extremely sensitive pets and your interaction is completely different from the interaction of a dog, we should respect that.

If the cat is suspicious, shy and fearful, we should accustom him with the shipping box, so that you feel safe at the beginning of the training.
The dog should be kept on the Guide to be controlled and not create misunderstandings.

Start approaching them and rewarding them with snacks each time or a look the other way. Go slowly to decrease the distance, but always watching if they remain peaceful and accept snacks. Go ahead and shorten the distance slowly to involve the presence of each other with reward.

If the cat is quiet and comfortable, open the box and wait him out, always keeping the dog controlled by Guide and being rewarded for good behaviors.

If the dog is with all the attentions devoted to the cat, try to take the heat off him, so don’t get anxious and approach rude fashion, which can cause a defense reaction from the cat and a disagreement consequently. At this point, using the Guide to thwart leaps can be a good alternative. So, the dog will understand we can only approach the cat in a quiet way.

It is important to note that these practices have to be repeated several times until the two can be released. Getting used to the ideal is always being under the supervision of the responsible. If necessary, seeking help from a professional in behaviorism.

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