10 Crafts With Paper

Do you have a lot of paper and do not know what to do with it? Well exploit all your creativity and make true works of art with it. You can create craft paper for a special gift, decorate your home or make cute details become your favorite pastime.


With a little imagination you can do a lot of paper crafts like this portrarretratos , you can make flowers, hearts or image you like, you can also roll up pieces of paper and stick them around a frame to decorate, it is easy and it is beautiful.

2. Habitat

Crafts with crepe paper are simple and cute, you can make a whole scenario of what you like, like this jungle, all you have to do are strips of paper and go joining them to form what you dictate your imagination. An idea very useful for schoolwork.

3. Vase

This craft is ideal for decorating your home, a vase with  paper flowers will always look beautiful in the center of your table, it’s easy to do just need imagination and colored paper to create a box or vase which look beautiful those flowers that both you like them.

4. Fish

Crafts  paper crafts can be a whole, as this fish made ​​with colorful leaves, so easy to make you just cut strips about one centimeter and roll the tip to create the parts of the fish.

5. Flowers

If you want to give a gift that will last forever these flowers are ideal. You just need colored crepe paper, wooden sticks and white glue, the procedure of these crafts with paper is rolled into sticks and create paper rolls that form the petals of the flower.

6. Screens

We can do a screen ourselves using paper that is most economical and practical, we can decorate and create different environments. We need a large paper roll and metal rods, you can decorate it with paint.

7. lamp

The paper crafts are very simple to do, like this lamp for which you just need a bit of paper that you like, can be plain or decorated and some wood and wire, to achieve a lamp rustic style . Remember to put inside a cold light as LED, so it is not dangerous on.

8. Frutero

With a little recycled paper can make a practical and colorful fruit bowl, we need newspapers or magazines, it sticks with glue around half a balloon inflated, several layers are given and allowed to dry; ultimately the balloon bursts and given a coat of varnish.

9. Porta-pencils

The braiding technique paper is ideal for creating this holder pencils, just need sheets magazines give much color to these paper crafts can be a good gift for back to school or a very useful detail to have all your pencils arranged in home.

10. Bag

With the same technique we can do many twisted paper crafts, like this bag, which is also very practical and modern, so you take it whatever you want. You can create even metal chips bags orbags denim recycled.

Incredible manalidades paper

It is time to reuse paper you no longer use, look at these creative options , sure you’ll love to have a fun time with the kids.

These crafts are very simple to make and allow you to reuse paper and not waste it. It is very fashionable decoration with recycled materials, so do not miss the opportunity to create some of these ideas that we have given, Dare, you make them with your children and give it a creative use the paper!


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