Ray-Ban Wayfarer With Your Own Design

I’m a fan of  sunglasses, I really like, I have all kinds of lenses: large, small, square, round, blue, black, brown… well, I like to wear them and collect them. But my favorite lenses are the Ray Ban Wayfarer, I love the retro feel but modern too, the millions of colors to choose from you have and you go especially well to all types of faces.

So Clothesbliss again with Ray Ban characteristic and lenses that caused sensation beyond the 50’s, and now again succeed between men and women.

The important of Wayfarer Colorize kit lenses is that Ray Ban decided that whoever buys them from their own personal touch or design. Because this kit comes with a white Wayfarer mount lenses, various templates to design five markers that will help unleash the ingenuity and creativity of buyers to paint their lenses.

Is not it amazing the idea of ​​Ray Ban? My turn me crazy these lenses, and this idea of ​​a style to lay them I found just wonderful. Moreover, the Ray Ban lenses are limited edition and will be the sensation of the moment with unique designs for these sunglasses you’ll find on Ebay for $ 215. Now we can be fashionable with these lenses Ray Ban, and have a unique design and protect our eyes on those sunny days.

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