Leisure Society Sunglasses

Glasses-eyeglasses and sunglasses-dominated by retro lines, precious materials, elegant design. The Leisure Society eyewear collection fall-winter 2014-2015.

More than a collection, the line eyewear Leisure Society is a real exploration. And not just for the eccentric model Vinson, dedicated to the great men of the mountain: among the lofty names of frames, here appear Voltaire, Nietzsche, Aristotle, Byron, Oxford and Cambridge.

Leisure Society: elegance inspired by the past

Exploration, therefore, but in a metaphysical sense as well as physical, and marked by a wisdom that in vision models of glasses has a sophisticated and elegant flavor, taste a bit ‘dandy, from impeccable lord and charming lady. Or, even better, gentlemen and gentlewomen. Sunglasses? Also dominated by the taste retro, with inspiration vintage that reads in smaller and larger lenses, more or less effect smoke, and surmounted by frames that can not put my thoughts to the divas of the past and the imaginary of the good life . Or the beautiful time, with a luxury that is never ostentatious, but rather intrinsic way of being.

Perfect detail

If inspiration is once past, materials and technologies of both models to be seen as the Prada sunglasses are definitely those of the future, according to Sunglasseswill.com. Ultra-light and strong, carefully bend a luxury design. Among the colors, to dominate are the black mat, but also the desert, havana blonde and white bone-and even red, in some models-which with the nuances turtle and / or in combination with silver and golden are absolute perfection.


But not monotonous: in the balance (and balance) between the dimension of art and the entertainment-luxury, of course-, filled sons of the founder of the Leisure Society Shane Baum.


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