How to Find Polarized Sunglasses

What are the polarized glasses?

We hear more about polarized sunglasses in the fishing community and because they allow to remove the reflection of the Sun on the surface of the water! You know these unpleasant reflections when trying to follow our lure look!

Polarized sunglasses are sunglasses on which, the manufacturer adds a treatment, a film polarizing between the glass, in order to maximally reduce glare! On the water or on the water, the fisherman is often embarrassed and his view is weakened, this kind of glasses to improve comfort, but also with improved contrast perception.

So far it’s simple but did not count on the different filters used by the manufacturers!

How to choose your polarized glasses?

For starters, the same as sight glasses, the choice of sunglasses should not be lightly! Poor quality sunglasses can quickly you damage your eyes and give a headache hell you wasting your fishing party.

There are three large filter colors: blue, gray and yellow. Beyond the look, these different filters can provide you with what you are looking for! Indeed the conditions in which you exercise your passion, sea or fresh water or the region and so the sunny (South or North) will help you to choose the appropriate polarized glasses, I invite you to try your glasses before you buy in order to find the perfect pair!

Summary for:

-Blue suited to high brightness, at sea for example!

-Yellow for low light conditions, the contrasts are stronger.

-Gray does not change your view, removes just the reflections on the water.

After choosing the polarizing filter adapted to your conditions of fishing, don’t miss undergoes treatment with your glasses. Manufacturers use different lenses:

-Mineral glass: heavy but resistant to scratches with a clear vision.

-Resin or CR39 lenses: cheap price but vision can be degraded.

-Polycarbonate glasses: for me the best compromise. Resists scratches, rather light and good vision!

Now many brands of fishing have embarked on the adventure of the polarized glasses, the choice is huge both in design and price and quality!

The JMC brand has a huge range from the first prize with the polarized glasses high-end. Glasses recognized by the world of fishing! You will also find the brand Rapala and Shimano and less well-known brands in the world of fishing as Wiley.

You can make your choice but do not hurry, take your time and most importantly try – the!


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