Avoid Counterfeit Sunglasses

I know, I know, at the time of glorious sunshine, the temptation to buy counterfeit sunglasses is very strong, especially when you see the price that some pairs can cost. This is when I walk on the beach I saw the incredible number of fake Ray Ban outstanding. So I would like to make some simple reminders on counterfeit glasses to the health of your eyes and your style:

  • It’s cheap to kilometers. Yes, here the point of Japanese acetate used for branches, but the vulgar plastic toy. Often, the brand logo is painted over the leg and dribble paint!Horrible. I do not speak here of the famous inscription “Ray Ban” often copied , but never equaled… The shape of the glasses is also often comic.
  • The “glasses” (if you can call it spectacle lenses) are always loose, there is the game. Ditto for the joints of the legs, which are very brittle and deformed at unbelievable speed, so do not be surprised if after a few days of wear, they are through your nose.
  • Some of you may be very proud to have found fake glasses very well imitated, that can happen. Some manufacturers may for example be solved using some metal, to make their false credible pairs.
    Except that these glasses will not protect your eyes! The glasses (or rather plastic) are not treated against UV! They are only tinted. There is a perverse effect: Because the glass stain darkens the image, your iris dilates, cash and much more UV than normal, too much! Again, do not be surprised to have eyes hurt late in the day.
  • The quality of the glasses is dangerous. Not only the glasses do not stop UVs, but in case of shock (balloon, …), they can break and cause injury to your eye. This is not the case with real Ray Ban and Persol example, the glasses are subjected to strict quality controls . We can say what we want about Ray Ban, but not on the strength of their lenses, which is unanimously recognized.

Well, that’s it, it’s decided, you are against counterfeit sunglasses now, but what are your alternatives?

  • Do not wear glasses. little practice in midsummer.
  • Why sunglasses are expensive. A pair of vintage Ray Ban costing an optician between 55 and 65 € I think, so it’s not surprising that the resell over 120 € for the cheaper models. Some brands also use resistant materials such as titanium for example. Finally, for high-end models, the glasses undergo a lot of manual operations on the part of skilled workers, which drives up the bill for the end customer.
  • Turn to cheap models. It is better than a pair of Monoprix fake glasses, and, indisputably.You can sometimes make good surprises in the ready-to-wear public. At H & M, for example, by collection, there is one or two pairs that are perfectly adequate. You have to find them. They have a decent look and protect you against UVs, but you will surely only one summer.
  • The case of Ray Ban. For me it’s like for Diesel jeans: it’s expensive, we see many, it is seen again and again, but there is something for everyone, and for all the possible faces.
  • If you have the budget, there are three brands that I particularly appreciated for their design and quality Strada Del Sole, Mykita and Dita.

And you, what you wear like glasses?


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