8 Fabulous Sunglasses

Sunglasses 2011 bring super modern trends and rescue retro different decades. To choose sunglasses 2011 that best fit you take into account your face shape and your personal style. There sunglasses 2011 for all tastes and lifestyles.

8. Cat Eye

2011 These sunglasses are inspired by the 50’s and 60’s and are ideal for the square faces and heart-shaped. These sunglasses Louis Vuitton are in smber and all colors and patterns for the most daring, it is one of the basic summer.

7. Wayfarer

These sunglasses 2011 are a classic, there are a wide range of colors, materials and combinations. Sunglasses 2011 how are you, are in the closets of celebrities like Madonna and Lindsay Lohan.

6. Aviator

These sunglasses 2011 are another classic. They have a super sexy and elegant at the same time design. The only problem with these sunglasses 2011 is that they are sensitive so they are not the best choice to wear them on the beach.

5. John Lennon

Anyone who knows The Beatles already know what kind of sunglasses 2011 we mean. This option sunglasses 2011 is minimalist, elegant and chic. They look great on oval faces and diamond shaped.

4. Retro

The best thing about this style of sunglasses 2011 is that they are ideal for all kinds of face and find them with a thousand different designs. These sunglasses 2011 range from conservative to multicolored and animal print.

3. Oversized

These sunglasses 2011 are predominant this season and there are a variety of designs and colors. These sunglasses 2011 work perfect as its size can help turn your clothes daily in a much fuller look.

2. Wrap

These sunglasses 2011 are not the most innovative design but are the best choice for outdoor sports. Have greater support and resistance and can accompany you perfectly if practices some sport like jogging.

1. Futurists

If there is extra confidence in yourself and fascinates you note, these sunglasses 2011 are for you. They are unique, they design difficult to find but worth it. We guarantee that all eyes will rest on you and are a strong trend this season.

There is nothing better for a good look, the accessories, and summer is the season of sunglasses. Sunglasses 2011 not only make you look amazing, but will help to take care of your sight. Choose your favorite.

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