What Does It Mean to Make Something Like a girl?

Whenever a brand aimed at women hit the tone of your communication, positive buzz around confirms how we’re exhausted from the daily absurdities that we see out there. Treat consumers with respect and intelligence, more inclusive and less formulaic, should be rule to this point, but unfortunately it is still the exception. So, I received with enthusiasm the new campaign always, Tampax feminine brand.

In like a girl, the campaign always film director Lauren Greenfield interviewed men and women asking me to represent what it would be like to do something (run, fight, bat) as a woman. Then, asked the same question the girls who have not yet passed through puberty and we see a completely different answer. The finding that comes next makes the product and strategic anchorage positions. Always not only as a brand of tampons, but as a brand that is seeking to build a relevant concept: female confidence plummets in puberty — during this phase, in which the girls feel more vulnerable, the hostility against the female doesn’t help.

“In my work as a filmmaker, I have witnessed a crisis of self-confidence between the girls and the negative impact of biased stereotypes. When the words ‘ like a girl ‘ are used to represent something bad, it is deeply disheartening, “says Lauren.

Us notes, once again, that it is possible to advertise with seriousness — and creativity! After all, creativity is when a brand doesn’t need to reinforce old prejudices to sell their products. The rest is just repetition.

The popularity of the video shows that always hit the nail on the head, and confirms that consumers are becoming more aware and demanding. Tags: learn, please.

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