Send Free SMS from Your Computer

Send free SMS to phones without using your cell phone, directly from the computer. It is possible and you don’t have to spend a dime for it!

Send SMS Via Internet

Send SMS or torpedoes is increasingly common because the carriers ‘ plans in addition to include hundreds or thousands of minutes of voice, also include a daily or monthly quota of SMS text messages. Even being able to send so many messages without pay, typing messages on tiny keypads of equipment is often boring and tiring.

On the other hand the email being constantly being checked through the data plans in, does the SMS become a little less used. But it can be very handy, especially if who will receive the SMS does not have a data plan or internet-connected smartphone with frequency.

How to Send Free SMS from Your Computer?

Cool SMS software allows you to send free text messages to cell phones of some operators. There are carriers that simply do not allow sending by computer, and other offering by some sort of recovery. The great advantage even to use the Cool SMS is that you can register your contacts in the program and they will be stored on the server. To login again in the Cool SMS on another computer, the same contacts recorded will appear there. The contact management of Cool SMS works similarly with other instant messaging applications like WhatsApp.

How to Use the Cool SMS?

In the Cool SMS, you register the names and numbers of your friends, in addition to the carrier used for them. To send a message, simply click on a contact, type the message and click Send. The Cool SMS will come to define how the message is sent to each carrier. Depending on the carrier, you will need to have credits or typing those letters such as those that appear on the website of Hi … Anyway makes it easy enough and makes the task of sending text messages much more simply and quickly.

Beyond just sending messages, you can schedule SMS to be sent at a future date and also have a history of all SMS sent by you! the Cool SMS has a limit of messages to be sent per day. The limit is variable, but is difficult to be reached.

Download the Cool SMS directly from the official site, install on your computer and tell us here what you think! Comment and give their opinion which will be very useful to our other readers!

Editor’s Note: Cool SMS server is down for some time. We recommend using the application Skebby in place.

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