Rumor: Apple Launches New Mac Computers on the 27th. October

Apple is on the road with a brand new lineup of Macs. It will supposedly happen already on the 27th. October, which held new Apple event.

If you are considering acquiring you a MacBook, iMac or something third, you should probably take a wait-and-see you in a week’s time.

The two media our site and our site can namely, independently of each other, revealing through anonymous sources that Apple is holding an event on Thursday, 27. October. There will be plenty of new Macs on the program.

The biggest news will be reportedly that Apple finally upgrading MacBook Pro from 2012 with a new and more up-to-date model. As always, Apple will make it thinner, while the trackpad (trackpad) will become larger. Hardware upgrade in the form of a new graphics card, but it is probably another novelty that will draw attention.

Apple will equip the new MacBook Pro with a secondary OLED display there, where in the current MacBook Pro is hot keys on the keyboard’s top row. In addition of course to be pressure sensitive, the buttons change depending on which Windows and programs you have running. The new MacBook Pro will come in both 13 “and 15” just as the present two models.

New iMacs will also be unveiled, which however will not be big news to find. According to the sources, the news will be that it will be possible to adapt the new iMacs with processors from AMD.

Last but not least, you can look forward to a new edition of the thin MacBook Air, which now will be equipped with a USB Type C-port. The many news matches more of the information that a Japanese media as late as yesterday could reveal.

There is therefore every reason to keep up with, when Apple-probably-goes on stage Thursday, 27.October. An invitation from Apple, which confirms the date, however, the only thing that is still missing.

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