Theme Week Dress+Shoes-Day 01

A few weeks ago I did a post on Instagram asking for suggestions of thematic weeks for us to do here on the blog. I was super idea and loved getting so many different suggestions (it’s all duly noted, so we go doing).

After weeks of intensive work/travel/travel to San Diego, finally, here I am to put this up and get our theme week standing!

One of the most requested topics on such Urges post (and the chosen theme week in question) was: dress with shoes! Several people have asked and I loved the idea for two reasons:

Reason 1: there are reports that the summer in the southern hemisphere practically here yet, so dresses should be being useful at the moment.

Reason 2: dress and sneakers in Whicheverhealth are pieces that, in theory, do not match. A super feminine, another super sporty and casual. But it is precisely these contrasts that make the combination of these two plays even cooler!

We know that dress is a generic term. Has super chic dress, super casual dress has long dress, short, medium, maximalist, minimalist.You understand, right? Logical that more informal dresses are easier to combine with tennis, right?

For this first post, I decided to put my money on average dress tidy: a small tube white, elegant without being over, perfect for events during the day. I can’t see in the pictures, but he has a cleavage right Kitty in the back (you can see it here), which gives a more sophisticated air tostory.

The cool thing is that the cut of the dress is more sofisticadinho, but apart from that, it is pretty simple. No prints, no glares. So, in choosing the tennis, the only difficulty was knowing which one was nicer.

The only thing I knew was that I didn’t want it to be a very dark. I ended up choosing the custom Vans (who remembers?), especially since I thought he adorned with this minimalist dress vibe.

To finish, a few accessories and good: white and blue bag handbag glasses (like the rest of the minimalist look).

And ready! So we have our first look of the week+Dress shoes! I hope you enjoyed it. Tomorrow has more.

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