The Skirt Which Represents Me

I believe I have clothes from our closet that represent stages in the life of the people. It is hard to put into words the reasons why you identify with a suit at some point of life. The truth is that we often confuse identify with falling in love. Of course, there’s those clothes that you fall in love by the time they see in the window. But passion has expiration date and, as a rule, after a few uses, it goes away.

ID is different. It’s less overwhelming. Is less impulsive. You arrive at the store, see a play and buy because he thought interesting, beautiful, useful. Because ID comes with time. With the building of a relationship with that piece. You buy because you liked. But you identify after use. After several uses.

That’s the beauty of using things several times. We end up getting along. Understanding how that piece works in our favor, as it combines with the other, as it combines with our life. And the cool thing is that the more you use, the more you identify with.

So, after many uses and appearances on the blog, I come here to declare that the piece more talk that my time of life and try to explain why.

She had your debut here on the blog for almost two months. A somewhat troubled debut (who remember?). But, even so, she doesn’t hide and only here on the blog, queer has appeared four times. Think there, I bet everyone has a friend who hasn’t seen so much these past two months as I saw the white saiota.

But let’s cut to the Chase. After careful analysis, I understand. Have 1 time in my life that we put priorities in place of them. Us reassesses the people of your hand re-evaluates job, re-evaluating our goals in life. I don’t know if it was the turn of 30, or work, or the wedding coming up. Maybe all these things together. But the truth is that, today, more than 3 years (or 6 months) ago, I am seeking the beauty of simplicity.That less is more, not only in the closet as in life.

I think this skirt says that. White, straight, without frills from threergroup. But lightweight and ultra stylish. Everything from the top of your simplicity.

Today, the talk is more about the meaning of it than on a look. But eventually, too, one more opportunity to show how she manages to combine with everything and adapt to so many occasions that, in fact, talk directly with this simplicity.

I have loved (I repeat in caps and separating syllables: A-MA-DO) that look all white shirt with a knot at the waist. So much that I decided to try the same idea with the old Plaid Shirt and who also did not appear here for a long time. Above, I used to play a jeans recess calling him Jacques strap over your shoulder (now it has become fashionable to use like that, right?). I confess, the Cardigan on top of shoulders last while the picture (I’m not cut out to be a blogger, really, Oh way hard to wear coat), but thought it was beautiful and I took the jacket to work in case of butterflies.

Finally, I chose the yellow pumps (already half spent, but beautiful nonetheless) and the round brown bag. The first served to insert a different color and point each other to bring an unusual air pro look through the shape of the bag.

Well, that’s it for today.

Phew! Does that. So, here I leave the challenge for you. What is the piece that represents your time? You tell us. Let’s inspire us together.

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