The Pants that Saved Me from Laziness

Think of a person tired. How could you understand, yesterday I slept a little late (the previous post was posted around 2:30 in the morning). It happened that a crazy insomnia took me by storm and the most I could do to deal with it was to take advantage of the extra time in the morning to post.

The result of this involuntary nocturnal trickery could not have been another. Struggled a bit to wake up this morning and spent 80% of the day with his eyes burning with exhaustion. But the hardest, in a case like this, always choose what to wear.

You’re half awake, half-asleep. Feel u. No idea. And I just wanted to be in bed. These days, everyone needs a Savior in the closet. Without wishing to brag (because wake zureta after insomnia and have to resort to a play Savior has nothing of charm), I have some. Today, let’s talk about one of them, the Savior of this Tuesday.

It’s not because you woke up that necessarily wacky, look of the day have to be boring. OK, you’re a little weak and out of ideas, so the secret is to be able to count on a play that set up a look for myself. I’m not talking about the Praticinha Cabinet of Beverly Hills (dream of consumption in adolescence, who was in the years 90 teen’s remember). I’m talking about a play Fort, to call attention to herself and solve the look almost completely.

The pants today is exactly that. She is comfortable to a fault and, coincidence or not, I was asleep and she got good. But a very chic and stylish pajamas. But what makes this pants via thedressexplorer, my play Savior of the day is the pattern. Is something artsy, full of personality that quickly attracts the eye. On the other hand, the prevalence of black greatly facilitates the combination with other pieces. Then, just choose a black shirt and voila. Have a look.

I’m going to talk about that until I was proud to have remembered that shirt in a wacky day like today. The easiest thing would have been picking up a black t-shirt and solve the problem. But I thought that left the look with another guy. This format more lady her super well with modernity contrasted the pants.

Was she also ended up giving me the idea to give a little bit of hair volume, which I haven’t done in a long time, but that was another good solution to one day wake up late and don’t have time to wash and dry your hair in the morning.

I finished the look with the braided and fringed bag also in blue and black, it was not complicated.

Êeeeee, post before midnight! Now sleep I’m yawning and tomorrow the bride’s workout first thing in the morning!

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