Plus Size Blogger

Today I give you a plus size blog by a beautiful blogger with a heart: the lovely 25 year-old ELA shows on her fashion blog called ConQuore how can curvy women particularly nice dress and feel beautiful and to. Because good looks and well-being is not a question of size

How to feel beautiful

For me ELA of a parade example of this is how you can look great as a woman regardless of the size of the dress. Look beautiful is the one thing – another feel good: it is attitudinal, the positive feeling of body, well-being, broadcasting, what it’s about. If you accept yourself and think it’s beautiful, the most others do.
“Your life is what YOU make of it.

ELA’s Favorites

Favorite pieces of plus size dresses and skirts include itypeusa: prefer she wears colorful dresses with flower pattern and lace,. Different dresses from the 50s or 60s years like the plus size girl particularly well.

Accessories belong necessarily to a perfect outfit, therefore PA ensures exceptional rings and bags. How about a hat?

You can’t fool ELA in regards of the cosmetic and the face painting. She is always perfectly styled and beautifully made up.

Thanks ELA for the wunserschönen pictures! ‘Ve got style and taste – please keep it!

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