Permanent Hair Removal of Bikini Zone and Other Intimacies

The SmoothSkin gold* have I introduced to you in October 2015. Here you will find details: SmoothSkin gold – permanent hair removal for home. For permanent hair removal with IPL, it is recommended to use the device a week for 12 weeks. I’ve done that. The unfiltered test series is now complete and the results can be found at the end. To anticipate it: it just keeps getting better!

Initial situation

My skin is light and dark hair mostly, which is ideal for use by IPL. Since 2004, I completely epiliere the lower leg to the knee. The fine hair on the thighs and arms stay tuned as the color girlfriend recently wanted to know.

1st week of October 17, 2015

First impressions of the device feel: the plastic should be quality for the price, feels very easy. At the edges of the Golden Tower, the transition is somewhat uneven. This could be better made. Now to the practice test.

  • The functions are for me after the show speaks for itself.
  • Using a stamp or floating, i.e. either each time the light pulse to trigger stamp-like new or button pressed to keep and to move the device while piecemeal on the skin, is both easy.
  • To edit the Shins to the bone, I put the machine in a longitudinal direction to have constant pressure, so that the light pulse intensity of the device can be determined. Calves, it is easy to suspend the device on all sides. Below the knee at the bony points but unfortunately grow hair, it is somewhat difficult to find the measuring point. But doesnt.
  • The usage in the armpit is easy, but the pain is the same as for epilation in places where hair still grow.
  • The advantage over epilation is quite clear that the tautness of the skin doesn’t matter in the bikini zone . Has someone with the current Epilator pinched himself ever the soft skin on the leg of transition? Then the one know as well as I how it hurts! At the SmootSkin gold is a non-issue. It is important, only, are previously shaved. For complete hair removal, it is not suitable, because genitals and anus may not be treated. Everywhere where my skin in the area was the normal skin tone, I could use easily it. But I had pain in the places where many hairs behind, and redness. I have the areas such as a shaving or depilation Sagella sensitive care balm treated. The redness have subsided after two days.
  • The flash light is very bright and bothers me when applying, especially in the armpits because I this look in a mirror, to see what I’m doing there. The reflection of the Flash in the mirror amplified the effect. I’m not very sensitive to light and yet it bothers me. But it is to endure and afterwards I feel none of it watching.

2nd week of October 25, 2015

  • The treated thick hair grow out. You can pluck out with your fingernails without force or drop by from alone. It feels funny, I easily can pluck it from the skin.
  • In the shoulder and the leg approach the application is again painful in densely hairy places, although I shaved before thoroughly.

3rd week of October 30, 2015

  • Under the arms and on the lower leg just fluff hair meet. The hair in the Bikini area, where was previously epilated, has significantly reduced at the base of the leg.
  • At the mons pubis hair comply with unchanged and the distance is very painful. I try it with the gentle mode, which uses less light, then the pain is aushaltbarer.

4. week 8 November 2015

  • The use after sport proves as recommended. I notice that I am everywhere much less sensitive to pain when my circulation well is.
  • The hair is growing back everywhere much less.
  • For cleaning, it would be nice if the head was removable. So I trust myself only, with a cloth to wipe across the surface.

5. week 16 November 2015

  • Where before the first application were already just yet delicate hair, don’t grow back already disturbing more. I have flashed the points anyway, to catch hairs that are still in the growth, if necessary at an early stage.
  • Leg transition is already almost free of hair in the Bikini area. The hair treated with the test series grow significantly less and more slowly. The growing hair is much shorter than the genital area next to it is just shaved.
  • Only in the Bikini zone, where even hair grow back, it has today a bit geziept. Otherwise nothing hurts more in the application. I am today once again pleased that the skin in the application do not needs to be streamlined, since that makes it relaxed.

6 week 24 November 2015

  • It grows anything visible more legs and underarms. I’ve flashed the area yet, but previously not even more shaved (contrary to the recommendation of the manufacturer on your own risk).
  • Bikini line only very short coming, a few hairs on the light of day. I suspect that is the roots already also override. Gray hair remain unfortunately really intact. The pair are so plucked out – too much information, I know….
  • Today’s ziept again very pretty badly. It’s early and I’m tired. Memo to me: awake and fit to perform next application!
  • Positively, I notice that already after a short time no redness appears. I do further Sagella care balm afterwards, it makes the skin soft and tender.

7 week 1 December 2015

  • Nothing grows on the legs, I’ve not dealt with that.
  • In an armpit, three hairs, which have I shaved quickly and flashed. the other armpit I have also flashed though I’ve seen no more hair.
  • In the Bikini zone nothing grows on the sides, in the area treated only with IPL also hardly any hair is growing back. Everything quickly exposed and it has just a little gepiekst. Again, I realize it may sting less when I’m really awake.

8 week 7 December 2015

  • Legs grow hair on each side on the shins still 3-4 and the rest are only here and there a few downy hair. Since I can well with life. Have with flashed the legs make sure complete quickly, however once again without prior shaving. Yes I know this is not one. But I at least look, where are the three hairs. It does smell then short ver kokelt, more didn’t happen.
  • The three hairs in an Axil still regrow and were flashed. You are really stubborn!
  • Bikini line, the difference between shaving and treatment with IPL is absolutely crazy to see. It grows well almost nothing. This is the place in which I am most curious how permanent IPL works, if I continue doing even monthly with the treatment after 12 weeks or eventually completely put it out. The effect in the area, I am absolutely done.
  • A further advantage to the epilation today when the application still noticed: no torn-out hair in the bathroom fly around in IPL. If I have previously epilated me, landed a part of thick hair in the tweezers of the device and was promoted when washed in the sink. Another part flew when applied to the floor and cleaned it up with wet paper. I was always pretty messy. I’m glad to see that the bath remains directly clear at IPL. Regrow your hair just not more so thick and obviously so, that I found somewhere loose not a single one of them in the last 8 weeks, you lose the growing out hair.

9 week December 15, 2015

  • Good news: no hair can be seen in the right shoulder, in the only one left.
  • Today I shaved again dutifully all points previously. That I should shave before my nerves. The few hairs on my big toe is not handled with IPL can also. There, the support surface for the device is too small, so it takes no measuring point and could not clean occasionally Flash.
  • Still very delicate hair in the area of the shins and right and left meet a bit on the legs. I would have shown my bare legs in the summer without prior treatment today easily in public.
  • In the Bikini zone a few regrow hair at the base of the leg, but already even thinner than before the treatment start. In the newly treated area there are still not as smooth as in the previously epilated skin, but also significantly less hair after – and the much slower than before.
  • Today I have the attention times the number of flashes, after I had read at Kat’s blog in their test, how little she needs. I use per armpit 10, Shin and calf right and left (back to leave out) 30-40 and the effectiveness is particularly important in the Bikini zone nearly 40, where some bodies might overlap, what you shouldn’t, but me. On the leg, it is easier to piece-meal to go further and to treat as in nested bikini line really only partially.

10 week 20 December 2015

Skipped because no hair annoyed me and I was sick.

11 week 28 December 2015

  • Because the use of the last two weeks back was, I shaved everything good. Shoulders were previously already visually hair free, interfere with only two hairs on a Shin, the rest of the lower leg has been hairy with a fine down however. He would have bothered me but also with naked legs in summer. Two places were pimpled in the Bikini zone and a few hair disturbed me on the side. Growing hair are considerably finer than when they previously have grown back after epilating.
  • Today I was again quite sensitive. I found ziepend – but noisy even on the legs. At one point, the skin was slightly hurt, it hurt like hell. Memo to me: apply only to whole skin!

12 week 3 January 2016

  • After an hour of Nordic walking in freezing temperatures, Schneegriesel and East wind followed by a hot bath nothing hurts today.
  • It only minimal hair grow back in all areas occasionally.
  • Nevertheless before obediently shaved and covers everything, so that it stays free for beautiful long hair. It is advisable a wet shave, by the way, because the hair with the electric razor on the surface yet to see are with me. A wet shave is significantly smoother and therefore can not so easily burned hair outside the skin.
  • Testing phase completed successfully.

Thoughts on the edge and comparison with other methods

The unit is heavy and needs plenty of space in the closet. Since I have the place, it doesn’t bother me. The skin is wonderfully smooth after the test phase. The epilation result is significantly better and long-lasting as with epilation. Sugaring is no alternative to home for me, because it doesn’t work for me. At home I don’t dare cold wax, depilatory cream smell and keeps effect on how a shave as well short in the. Advantage of home turn: no dates, travel times, finding a parking space and running costs. For this, the one-time cost is high. If one compares him with monthly Waxingstudiobesuchen, what is the only substantive fair comparison for me in the long-lasting effect, has pays the device at the latest after one year.


The result on the skin is absolutely convincing. I not would buy the unit at the current price, because I would shy away from investing with an Epilator and not strong hair growth. Therefore I am all the more, to be able to use the device, because it’s just better than anything I have previously made me continue.

Do you have still any questions? Please give it to me!

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