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Looks to College: this is the post that more ask me what else are we looking for here on the blog, you know that?! Come to think of it, why not meet your wish and make a more updated version of the best looks for college that caters all tastes and styles! Before talking about the looks itself, I must say that these days there’s not much difference in the look for those studying in the morning, afternoon or night period-the only thing is that the College night allows a little more extravagance because many still mend a bar or ballad after huh?! While during the day the girls prefer flat shoes and a little more comfort, but no reason to wake up inspired and go well glamorous to class!

These two cases are the first looks: look like a white t-shirt can serve as a basis for a long neat and unpretentious at the same time, enough to match with the printed pants and black Sandals heel block that tired less during the day, since the left girl bet in denim skirt and blouse telada with great Sports Guy–would be pretty white tennis but she opted for a high sandal and metallized.

The combo black trousers and blazer is amazing at any time – you can do a mix of overlays with mesh shirt and blazer in neutral tones and bet on the right shoe is also elegant male to the colored version with black pumps . These two looks are great for those who go straight from work to the College!

To the girls who are fans of flat shoes, these four looks were separated for you! It’s not because we don’t wear heels that look can be sloppy. The blazer can be the key piece in many productions, since combined with the black pants like I said up until the jeans boyfriend detonated and the super carrot pants stripped with all star . The trick here is to add glamorous details like a necklace of chains, a gold watch and a purse that cause impact.

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The colored or patterned pants can also be a great ally for haste in time to change–combine with neutral pieces that you can’t miss! Already the good old leggings look great with shirts, knitwear and shoes and flashy as the slipper of animal print, the red lipstick also left the powerful girl!

And finally, this photo shows how at the end of the day we can also put together all the hints in a look : stylish shirt, long Cardigan, jeans with turn-ups, male shoe and maxi-colar! Now that’s style in time to go to class.

What’s your look for College?

Photos: Reproduction

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