Kardashian Plus Size Fashion

When I tried on the dress, I’ve felt instantly a bit like Kim Kardashian – I think she’s great, by the way and I love their style and the Po.Perhaps this is a bit on my Brazilian origin, but basically I’m a big fan of curvy celebrities, so such as also Sofia Vergara (“Modern Family” is terrific, by the way – if you not should know that, check out the series to and necessarily in English!).
In any case, I like this Kardashian style very much and I felt in the tube dress quite sexy. Of course something goes not without shapewear, I wear underneath a complete body with legs – now my favorite for under it because I have the problem with my slim waist the pants always roll up in the a and this is extremely uncomfortable. I have now both → Spanx and → Maidenform so a whole body thing, and can put you above all the latter brand especially on the heart. I find Spanx in part a little too loose and too stretchy, so it sometimes don’t matter much to carry the form sheets which should smooth out so just the silhouette.

When I first tried on this dress, I instantly felt a little like Kim Kardashian – I really like her and love her style, and her butt. Maybe it’s because of my own Brazilian background but I’m generally a big fan of curvy celebrities, like Sofia Vergara (and you should definitely watch ‘modern family’!). Here at act-test-centers.com you can get more different models and styles.
Anyways, I felt pretty sexy in this tube dress. Of course, you need to wear shape wear underneath – I’m wearing a full body with legs, which is my favorite shape wear as normal shaping trousers tend to roll into my waist and this really hurts. By now, I own a body from Spanx and Maidenform and I can really recommend the latter. Sometimes, Spanx are a little too loose and stretchy so there’s no use wearing them because they don’t smoothen your silhouette – and that’s what you want to achieve with shape wear, right?

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