Jump with Stocking: the Favorite Fashion of the Japanese

They do not leave the high heels and, to ease the little feet, they have adopted the fashion of the heel with sock!

Every woman loves a jump, but in Japan, girls are obsessed: whether at work, at shows or even to go to the supermarket, they never come down from the jump! The consequences of this fashion custom we already know: blisters, calluses and a lot of pain in the feet.

The Jap’s strategy to avoid all this? Wear socks! And no dull socks or the basic white and smooth stockings according to indexdotcom.com, in Japan they abuse designs, different fabrics, pendants and other cute details that end up adding comfort and beauty to the look.

Kurumi Kaito, 14, says he takes inspiration from famous models. ? Here in Japan, we all have our favorite models. At the moment, they have been wearing a lot of high-top boots with socks, so I also adopted that style, “he explained. And there are also those who make strange combinations, like a skirt, a 7/8 sock and platform heel, in the best drag queen style!

There in Japan, it is common to find shops and socks exclusively in socks. The colors and varieties are so many that the doubt is what to take home(the Japanese solve this? Problem? Buying several!).

But not even with heels they wear their long socks! Yoku Tukorun, 17, and his friend Shoko, 17, bet on the combination of more sneakers. “I saw that pink-baby tone and I took the time,” Yoku says. Shoko said that he usually chooses his look through internet sites; “I’m also inspired by American artists, but they are famous only in Japan.”

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