How to Tie Different Types of Tie Knots

Most often, many men choose to tie your taste, but if your taste is not so perfect? ​​There are a number of recommendations that are familiar with that you can choose the best so if you are a woman and want to give a gift your favorite tie, see what shirt he wears, not to be caught.

  1. Solid connections are suitable for almost all types white shirt fit any color tie and a colorful shirt and tie should be selected as one shade darker. Be sure that all the colors of the costume must be combined with each other.
  2. If you’re wearing a striped shirt or in a cage, remember that gender should not be a strong. Toy must be a solid color or combined with a strip of color in the dress should not be the whole colorful, some element must be uniform.
  3. Tie with a pattern or model designed to revivesuit. Motley tie should be chosen with dark want to link with polka dots, remember that the color of peas should be the color of the shirt. Also, large polka dots should not be placed on the full and low men.

Recommendation: tie should not be wider than tied as it should not be longer than waist pants tie, please note that it should be adapted by bias, so that they are not twisted is better not to wash the tie and give it to the dry cleaners, especially if it is made of silk.

One: Easy Installation

This kind of sites that fit if you do not have the time and experience, this is the easiest assembly.

  1. To start from the back of the tie away, the wide end is right, and the small end on the left.
  2. Wide end factory under the thin edge of the left.
  3. Through the thin end of the factory with the right side of the neck and footnotes do.
  4. Then we start from the top down.
  5. Drop end of the tie toassembly to adjust.

Tip: Tip on the small end of the tie should be slightly higher pull your navel (this value can vary depending on the height and length and thickness of the tie).

Method Two: Small Bathroom

It is a small type of site which is very suitable for heavy tie tissue types.

  1. Extend the end of the tie, which is wider than the outer edges of tie was so tight at the top.
  2. Pass the wide end of the tie over the narrow end.
  3. Start the wide end of the block, then goes in a loop between collar and tie.
  4. Bring the end of the tie that wider front.
  5. Pass near tie in the top layer wide end and tighten the knot.

Tip: If all of your tie does not match, start over, respectively, to adjust the length of narrow and wide that equality is flat under the collar assembly and align exactly in the center.


Method Three: Tie Windsor

  1. Place the tie around his neck, to the edges of the front and lay the wide end is 30 cm longer than all, so that the wide end of the tie is set to narrow.
  2. Pass the end that is wider in the loop of the neck, formed, and below.
  3. Pull the wide end on the side of the device, which is on the left.
  4. Again, drag the end that is wider at the cervical line from top to bottom.
  5. Aim the tip of equality rights on the narrow end.
  6. Lift the wide end and slide it through the loop for the third time, pull ahead.
  7. Now pull the wide end to tighten the knot and tighten the tie collar.

Tip: This kind of tie tie, commonly used in formal occasions, and he looks good with a wide that equality fits well within the collar assembly and align exactly in the center.

Fourth Method: Diagonal Unit

  1. Drew together cross: the wide end should be positioned above the narrow and head left.
  2. Wide tip of the tie wrap over the narrow end and pull to the right.
  3. Stroke wide around the narrow end and send back.
  4. End tie passed through the loop on the neck from top to bottom and left to send.
  5. Pass wide end of the tie appeared in front of the loop and pull down.

Tip: This node is most unusual, try to tighten and gently spread.Go difficult tie, but if it succeeds, it will be an attractive atmosphere for its originality.

Method Five: Prince Albert

  1. Cross both ends of the connection, so that was generally the top, and create their own narrow.
  2. Spend the end of the tie, which is wider than the narrow front.
  3. Wrap the wide end of the tie for the second time around the neck.
  4. Repeat step number two – again spent the end of his tie, which is wider than the narrow front.
  5. Start the wide end of tie knots and pull through the loop between the collar and tie.
  6. Pull the end of the tie, which is increasingly top layer assembly.

Tip: This type of unit is very compact, which looks good with shirts with long. Nay beautiful result is obtained with the help of close links of soft tissue.

Method Six: Device US

  1. Tie ends together to make knot should be placed on top of a wide top and.
  2. End are required to pass a noose neck down
  3. Resulting assembly should be slightly
  4. End of the tie should be adopted before the knot and thread the right at its door line up.
  5. Then he appeared to pass a line from top to bottom, and tighten the knot.

Tip: This type of unit looks original and discreet, especially close ties and relationships of the soft tissues and cotton.

Seventh Method: Tie – butterfly

Bow tie appears too long ago, back in 1700 and is still popular because it is very easy to tie.

  1. In short tie neck so that its left edge is about 4 cm longer than the right.
  2. Cross the ends of the tie so long was lying on long end of the tie in a loop between collar and tie.
  3. Make the top layer of the future bow: fold the short end of the tie in half and place the whole collar
  4. keep the top layer of the future bow index finger and thumb of your left hand on top of the lower end of the tie, which is longer.
  5. Place the index finger of his right hand, so he is at the bottom of the hangingfrom the bottom up, at the end of the upper layer bow.
  6. Push the head of the unit over the top layer of bow hands on two ends and gently pull in various directions to tighten the knot.

Board: Ages tie – butterfly traditional clothes for different occasions and remains popular. Nay often used classic black tie – a butterfly.

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