How to Arrange Lingerie Drawer?

Want to arrange lingerie drawer and don’t know where to start? see our tips!

To arrange lingerie drawer is a difficult task, as well as leave the closet. This is because the pieces are smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to be messy.

We all know a basic rule to keep the bra bulge-never fold them in half! But now, how to store them? It is possible to extend the life of your favorite parts taking care simple wash and storage. Learn how to make so that your lingerie does not interfere with the fit of your clothes. Because we know that if the bra is crushed he will shine through in your white blouse and more fair.

The first step is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Launch this separation by placing your lingerie on the bed and throw away all that are torn, pierced, frayed or stained. Have in your drawer just those that are in good condition and if necessary, get new ones.

Follow the tips for cleaning in your lingerie drawer!

Tips for all kinds of lingerie

  1. After separating the lingerie for the quality, enjoy that the drawer is empty and wipe with damp cloth, cleaning product of your choice and pass another dry cloth. The intention is to leave it dust free.
  2. Separate the parts by time: lingerie used frequently, which was never used, for day to day and special occasions. So, when you’re looking for something you don’t have to take everything out of the drawer and not mix them up.
  3. Separate your color pieces – basic and colorful, including stamped. In this way, time to compose a look and need a specific color, it will be much easier to find.

Rule for Bras

A recurring question among women is knowing How to keep bra, especially those who have pad.

  1. The bra has to be well stored to avoid that he loved. The trick is to keep it queued, closed behind so as not to damage the rear bra.
  2. For the BRA, the rule is to keep it in bags of TNT or hives-drawer dividers. Unlike the padded bra, the income does not lose shape, but can happen to fill ball or pull wires.

Rule for panties

  1. The ideal is to fold them in the format “envelope”-the sides in and then the back of the panties on top. Then, put them in bags for storing panties. The cool thing is separate by color, as well as bras.

Rule for corsets

  1. The corsets in Agooddir deform more easily by the amount of detail that the play has-wires, ribbons, pedrarias. To store them, ideally, put in a box, which may be extended to not compromise the structure of the piece. An important tip is to make a hole for ventilation inside the box, so the lingerie doesn’t get saved smell.

How to wash the lingerie?

The general rule is always wash your lingerie by hand, as well as pieces of clothing, preventing them from damaging. But, if you prefer to wash in the machine shops of tools it is possible to find balls to put the BRA inside the machine. For the panties, the ideal is to put them in baggies for washing machines.

Organized your lingerie drawer? Played a lot outside? Pass on Specialità to buy lingerie news, we have basic Bras, colorful, patterned and in different models, panties and corsets follow the same rule. Nothing like a lingerie drawer organized and pretty to be beautiful lingerie options for dressing and keep your self-esteem up there!

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