Day 2 of Week of Baby Shoes that Make Me Smile

Second day of our week of showing that shoe, when well chosen, yields a lifetime of beautiful looks. So, yesterday, when I was getting ready to go out for lunch with the husband who was off because I worked all weekend, the Slipper was already there, separadinho, ready to get paint on the streets of SanFran. We were going out to lunch in the neighborhood , i.e. the foot. And I didn’t even think twice. One thing I can say with all my heart is that this couple is comfortable.Was a prerequisite for the wedding shoe choice simply because I wanted to use it from the beginning to the end of the party.

We had not bought havaianas for guys (marriage has these things, you have to choose, and we preferred the fans to placate the heat during the ceremony). The result was that I danced happily on this bug during 8 hours. I just took because we decided to migrate the party for the sands of the beach and then the jump didn’t help.

The next day I didn’t have a blister on my foot. NOTHING.

So, walk 5 blocks to lunch with him was honey on pacifier.

And I know that in Brazil it’s winter and such, but here in San Francisco about two weeks of summer a year (and they do not necessarily take place in the summer) and one of them happened to fall just this week.

The last two days here made an unprecedented heat in these my six months of immigration and the Bahian/carioca girl couldn’t handle it. It was just removing your Cabinet fresh and parts that had not yet seen the light of day since we got here.

Yesterday was day to bring back to life a yellow skirt that has already made a lot of success here.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing? The #RoupasQueFazemSorrir category.

The look of yesterday was purposefully romantic. I think the shoe has this and I decided it was worth exploring it. That’s where (and heat) that came to leave florida and the cropped top with frilled (Yes, I’m in love with him).

To complete the weather lady, chose the round bag lover that looks like those boxes of old hat.

Finally, they. That matched very well with bluey of the shirt and the vintage perfumes.

And you? Have you chosen the bridal shoe from ? If you are looking for, take a look here for models of Ju. Perhaps you have one that is the face of the your dress (and so many other looks in your closet).

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