Black Suit Plus Size Jeans with a Japanese Touch

During my visit to Japan, I had large sizes in addition to the classical sightseeing outfits, such as jeans and shorts, a black suit with luggage. I have not saved the me for special occasions, but I brought it for my tour of the city and sights from the case and combined. I was tired at some point in jeans & co. to run around and wanted to simply have a different look. A black suit is large size Yes a pretty ingenious piece of clothing: it is an absolute transformation talent. A smarter business look? With black jacket and pants – no problem. Or a casual outfit for everyday? With a T-Shirt underneath, is a shoe out of it. Or a cool style for the evening? Black goes we know always and as suit, fancy shoes, sequin top, statement jewelry combined, something magical from it. It will then elegant with silky blouse and high heels. So a black suit is just like a white canvas which can unfold fashionable woman.

To Suit Large Sizes Combined: An Accessory From The Japanese Flea Market

The black suit is large size by Sara Lindholm of happy size. What I like about super well on him, is his cut. The suit just sits 1a.The fabric is soft and light and this makes even more fun wearing. The jacket and trousers , I have selected a white top quite irritating. A jacket in Japan? Yes, the weather was very humid and hot, but, no matter where, the rooms were very well chilled.And I was grateful to quickly pull over jacket. The color in the outfit bring the sneakers and my fashionable discovery at a flea market in Osaka. I have sneaker, Yes, has a weakness particularly in bold colors. So I chose fusion sneaker with blue and green accents dual as a contrast to the black and white of the salmon Nike suit. You are super comfortable; I’m running as on clouds in them.

East Meets West

Different fabric flowers, I put me on the lapel were the other colored BLOB. OK, fabric flowers – because everyone probably first in the 20s and 30s think years or finds them “old-fashioned”. I suppose that rather depends on the presentation of the flower and how it is styled. That can act as single flower already quite lost. I put some flowers in different colors on the lapel. A flower stands out particularly. It is also made of fabric, but it folded – like origami. These flower brooches are worn in Japan like the kimono or in the hair.

Back in Germany, I have worn the black suit of happy size even for business occasions and felt very well in it. He is one of my new favorite clothing pieces.

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