Beach Accessories

For your vacation on the beach you needed a good swimsuit , but if that ‘s not enough we show some accessories that will be your best allies to enjoy the sun and sea with style.


A sarong can not miss and is very convenient to take to the beach or pool, it’s an easy garment to transport because it does not take up much space in your suitcase, it is versatile and is ideal if you like to take cover, and there are a thousand ways to wear , you can use head or skirt, choose one that matches your swimsuit or very bright colors.


Besides being an essential accessory beach, a hat is your best ally for cover and protection from the sun, especially for the face and hair, also will make you look very fashionable and there are a variety of styles, from a cowboy hat, traditional straw or something more sophisticated.


In your suitcase can not miss as an accessory for shorts beach is ideal for after swimming, you can take with the top of your bikini and look very chic while walking along the beach.


Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and other accessories that give your swimsuit one fashion touch is excellent to complement your look, it is best to wear long necklaces, bracelets wooden combine or contrast with the color of your swimsuit.


Besides being an essential accessory beach is a multifaceted option you can wear in various ways, helps protect your hair from the sun, and keep the hair in place.


If you prefer something that covers more than a sarong, the best option is a dress fabric soft and light, especially if you go to a party on the beach or after swimming, you can combine it with a platform to look very modern.


The beach is common to see parading all kinds of sunglasses, so it is essential that in your accessories beach include them, try to be effective and protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, it is not only about style but also Health.


If you go out at night completely change your look, so it is advisable to wear shoes of different styles, something that does not fail on the beach are the platforms, try to use them in trendy colors like neon to look fashionable.


Not everything is a matter of fashion, beach accessories your can not miss a thermo or a bottle of water to stay hydrated and resist high temperatures.

XL bag

So you can carry everything needed for sunbathing, from the pareo, sunscreen, phone, wallet, etc; require an XL bag where you fit all, the ideal is to be a bag of straw as it is perfect for a more organic look.

Hair Accessories

To stay beautiful and look good hairstyle, you must not forget some hair accessories like headbands, garters and tweezers, this so the wind does not run roughshod and ruin your look, but if you want to give it a more sophisticated touch uses some accessories like flowers, combs, etc.


If besides going to sunbathe want to have fun at the beach, you can not miss items such as balls, rackets, surfboards, frisbee, everything you can think of for a fun day at the beach.

Books and Magazines

Something you can carry in your purse to go to the beach, is a good book or magazine to entertain you. While you sunbathe and rest, it may be a good opportunity to continue with that book you left pending.


If you want to protect from the sun, an umbrella may be your best ally, is it a practical and compact umbrellas so that you can easily move.


If you want to listen to your favorite music while you bask not forget to bring your personal music player, to enjoy good music while achieving a perfect tan or just relax you.

Remember to go to the beach do not necessarily have to sacrifice your style, you can look very fashionable and comfortable at the same time with these accessories.

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