10 x White Shirts

If one is to do something so foolish as to define the most important individual garment in the male wardrobe, so would our choice be fairly easily. The white shirt is the garments that follow you as a carrier through life whether it is on a smokingfest or free unbuttoned to the beach. Of course, there are just as many options as there are applications and here we have chosen to develop ten favorites for different situations.

Then white shirts do not differ in color, they instead choose after structure and material. The basic philosophy is that the smoother the shirt’s character is the more formal sense gives you. Thus a Superfine Poplin cloth, a far better choice to the dark suit while the rough Oxford weave is excellent as a casual shirt over shorts or chinos.

The next crucial part of men’s shirt is the choice of collar. The most traditional choice is cutawaykragen which works great to tie and bow tie, but even with two buttons unbuttoned. Buttondownkragen is another popular collar that gets its name from the two buttons which allow to draw (or not) kragsnibbarna against the shirt.

This kragtypen is considered fully acceptable also to the costume in such as the United States but is seen in Europe as a more casual option which is usually combined with a more casual fabric.

Last but not least is the shirt cuff, a crucial part of the application and formality. The classic double or French cuff is among the most elegant one can wear a dark suit but requires a cufflink, and almost always a jacket over his shirt.

The simple cuff is by far the most useful and worn great for costume that under a sweater. The advantage is that with this type of cuff can easily be rolled up the sleeve of your shirt in the summer time.

Barba Napoli

One of the most versatile interpretations of a white shirt from Barba Napoli. Cutawaykrage, simple cuff and an elegant pinpointstruktur makes the model works for virtually all situations.


Perhaps the perfect businesskjortan from Brioni. A smooth Poplin fabric with classic cutawaykrage perfect for a blue or gray suit in the thin wool.

Brooks Brothers

The manufacturer who may be most strongly associated with buttondownkragen are enough u.s. Brooks Brothers. Often as this in an Oxford weave.

Finamore x Frans Boone

A lovely hybrid between formal and free signed Finamore x Frans Boone. A white shirt with fullspreadkrage but with unconstructed, casual feel.


Swedish Eton recently launched a new fit to their blockbuster white skjortkvalitet which they named Super Slim.


French Charvet is considered to be one of the first real skjortmakarna and are currently represented on the Place Vendome in Paris.


Japanese Kamakura is one of the industry’s most interesting entry-level manufacturers starting at 79 $. Stylish collars and a good fit for a very affordable price.

Rose & Born

Stockholm store Rose & Born this summer launched an own webshop and this has been a great businessalternativ with cutawaykrage and double cuff.

Alessandro Gherardi

Alessandro Gherardi is one of the more discreet Italians that offers very fine products for your money.


Another relatively unknown option is Korean Spalla that combines affordability with wonderfully proportioned collars. The company shall, according to the statement, offer shipping to Europe shortly and then there is a trade agreement between Sweden and Korea shall not entail any customs fee.

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