10 Items Fashion

We are starting 2011 and you can not stay behind with the latest in fashion, what better way to publicize the 10 elements of fashion, 2011, among which belts, sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

10. Socks Short and Long

These fashion items 2011 we arroparán well, choose whether you prefer short or long.

9. Belt Widths

These fashion items 2011 remain stronger than ever, is the best article to accentuate the woman’s waist 2011.

8. Acrylic Heeled Shoes

For lovers 2011 fashion items within footwear, they can see them with futuristic style, it is the heel of acrylic and various textures.

7. Swedish Shoes

After a long time these fashion items back to 2011, in various colors and patterns.

6. Kerchieves

These articles arrive fashion 2011 colorful or patterned to be placed on the head, bags or neck.

5. Lenses

Shelters from the sun reach these fashion items 2011, will have a retro presentation in different colors and large.

4. Earrings

Other 2011 fashion items arriving long and large perfectly complement your outfit.

3. Bangles and Bracelets

2011 fashion items that no shortage in the wardrobe come most striking for their color, large and different textures.

2. Portfolios

With details in animal print or bright colors, these fashion items 2011 are gaining attention.

1. Bags

These are items indispensable fashion 2011 for women come in all sizes bags with details like bows, lace, embroidery and leather.

These items are the most fashionable of the season, combine them with your outfit and looks great. Dare to be feeling this season.

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