What to Do When Your Cellphone Wet?

Rice, cat litter and vacuum cleaner can help retrieve the device when he, for example, falls in the toilet

Tere at HowSmb.com are many situations where you might end up wetting your cell phone. It could be that the unit to fall out of the Pocket in your suite, you get wet in a storm or in the pool with him.

But it’s not the end of the world (or your photos, files, videos and contact agenda), but experts consider it unlikely that the phone working again.

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Tell me it’s possible to prevent contact with water damage the cell-for example, by placing the unit in a plastic bag or by passing it a material known as Liquipel, which makes the phone water resistant.

But, if you do not take these precautions, here are some ideas on what to do when the phone gets wet:

  1. Take it out of the water as fast as possible

Experts recommend these tips also apply to tablets

This is the first impulse of any cell phone owner-and we must follow it.

You also need to dry the appliance with whatever is at hand: paper, towel, shirt or cloth.

  1. Do not turn on the appliance

This is the second most common impulse at this time, but be careful. If the phone hung up on me, the worst thing you can do is turn it on, as this may cause a short circuit.

If the phone does not have delisgado to get wet.

  1. remove the battery and the SIM card

To prevent the electrical circuits of the device coming into operation is good remove your battery (and any protective cover that is on the phone).

Once this is done, your interior with a dry napkin carefully.

There are phones that don’t allow the user to remove your battery, as some models of Nokia and the iPhone. In this case, disconnect them is enough.

It is also recommended to take the SIM card and dry it.

  1. remove the water

Without using too much aggression, it’s a good idea to take the water out of the appliance lightly tapping it against a surface.

Also worth blow and pull the water drops that are in your interior with a vacuum cleaner.

Once this is done, there are some options about what to do next.

  1. Place the appliance on rice

It is recommended to place the phone in a pot with rice. Place the phone in a dry container, which can be a glass or plastic jar and cover the appliance with uncooked rice. Close the pot and place it in a dry place, where it hit a little sunshine after 24 hours, remove the phone from the pot and try to turn it on. This technique was adopted in many tests that can be conferred on the internet-and the logic behind it is that the rice absorbs the moisture that was in the appliance.

  1. Place it in the Sun

If you don’t have rice by hand, another option is to place the phone in the Sun, on a napkin. Do not leave the appliance for a long time, because this can lead to overheating and damage the screen. To avoid this problem, use a fan to help dry it out.

  1. Use another product that absorbs moisture

Some blogs recommend use other products in place of rice to absorb moisture from the appliance. Among them, couscous, silica gel packs and sand used in cat feces (clean, of course).

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