That Is Why Nexus 5 More Expensive in Denmark Than in the United States

Web TV: LG and Google have different pricing on Nexus 5. Here tells more about the price of the LG new Nexus phone.

When Google introduces a new Nexus phone, be it for sale through Google’s own webshop for a relatively aggressive pricing, but when Nexus comes to Denmark, the price is somewhat higher.

Nexus 5 costs 349 dollars in Google’s online store for the 16 GB model. This is the equivalent of $ 363.62 crowns, but LG’s indicative price is just below the 4,000 dollars.

The price difference has got several potential Nexus-buyers, to accuse LG to put Nexus-phone overpris in Denmark.

-“How Google price puts phone I can’t address. LG does not dictate prices, but we are going with an indicative price. It is up to the individual sales channel to set the price, “says LGs Danish country Manager Morten Aagaard.

He points out that if Nexus 5 available at Google in the United States, not two years of Danish warrenty. In addition, works the American model is not on the Danish 4 g LTE network.

If you travel to Germany and buy Nexus 5 with, for example, MediaMarkt, is price 399 Euros, equivalent to 2,976 Danish kroner.

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