Sony Announces Xperia Z1 and Lenses that Transform

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Smartphone is starting to be sold in Brazil in October

Presentation held days before the IFA 2013, technology fair which begins next Friday in Berlin, Sony showed some of its news for the next few months. The highlights go to the smartphone Xperia Z1 and for lenses and QX100 QX10, that can be coupled to various models of smartphone.

With 5-inch screen and Full HD resolution (1,080 p), the Xperia Z1 represents the bet from Sony to create the best camera on a smartphone with Android. The camera has 20.7 megapixel sensor, far superior to any model with Android and lower only to the sensor of Lumia 1020 with Windows Phone, the Nokia. The appliance starts to be sold in Brazil in October, but the price has not been disclosed.

Below is the new release from Sony at IFA 2013

The Xperia Z1 has edges of glass aluminum extensively on the back. According to Sony, the water protection has been enhanced compared to the previous model, the Xperia, the Xperia Z Z1 has 16 GB of storage memory, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 2.2 GHz and 800 of four cores, one of the most powerful of the moment, and runs the 4.2 version of Android. The device is compatible with 4 g networks and NFC wireless technology.

The appliance has some interesting software capabilities. One of them, called Social Live, lets you use the camera of Xperia Z1 to broadcast a live event on the Facebook page of the user. So friends can accompany a live event by accessing the profile of who does the transmission from the cellphone.

Another feature of the device is the Eye. Similar to Google Goggles, he recognizes objects such as book covers and historical monuments and provides more information about them.


Other news presented by Sony were QX10 accessories and QX100. These lens-shaped accessories are designed to be coupled to smartphones and improve the quality of the photos captured with a cell phone. In the event, the accessories were used in cell phone Xperia Z1, but the CEO of Sony, Kaz Hirai stated that they can be used with other phones. Hirai, however, not detailed which models will be compatible.

Both accessories are, in practice, a compact camera. In addition to the lenses, they house optical sensor and image processing circuits. They also have their own batteries and even memory card entries. The connection with the smartphone is made via Wi-Fi or NFC.

In the United States, the most advanced model, QX100 will cost US $500 (R $1,150). The half that cost QX10 value. The price difference is due to the better quality of the lenses and QX100 sensor. The accessories come to the end of this month the countries of Europe, but there is still no prediction about the arrival of the products to the Brazilian market.

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