Samsung Launches Galaxy Gear, Smart Watch with Built-in Camera

Device will hit stores by the end of this month

Presentation held days before the IFA 2013 , technology fair that begins on Friday (6) in Berlin, Samsung introduced some of the new features of the Galaxy line for the next few months. Among the highlights for the Galaxy Gear, smart watch with built-in camera. The unit’s worldwide release scheduled for Aug. 25, but the price for Brazil has not yet been revealed. In the United States, the Gear will cost $ $300 (R $700).

The Galaxy Gear is a wristwatch with 1.63 inch digital screen resolution of 320 x 200. The screen is sensitive to touch and displays emails, SMS messages and other information. The clock communicates with the phone and allows you to still receive and make calls without removing the smart phone from the Pocket. According to Samsung, the Galaxy Gear has a battery that lasts 25 hours. The processor is 800 MHz.

The Galaxy Gear has a microphone on the bracelet, located on the inside of the wrist. So, to answer the call, simply bring the ear pulse.

The watch also has a 1.9 megapixel camera, which is on the outside of the wrist. So, just turn the pulse in the direction of the desired object to take the picture. The camera can also record short videos, of up to 10 seconds and resolution of 720 p.

At launch, the clock will be compatible with the smartphone Galaxy Note III and with the new version of Galaxy tablet Note 10.1, also presented on Wednesday. But Samsung have confirmed that soon the Galaxy S phones III, Galaxy and Galaxy S4 Note II will receive updates and will be compliant with the Gear. It is worth mentioning that the watch was designed to be a supplement to the smartphone, i.e. does not work without connection to a cell phone. The Galaxy Gear will come out of the factory with 70 applications in your store. A good part of them is physical activity monitoring applications.

Watch a video about the Galaxy Gear

New phenomenon?

Smart watches are not a novelty in the world of technology. Some lesser known companies already produce a few years watches that communicate with cell phones and display basic information on the screen. Among the more traditional companies, Sony already has a smart watch, the Smartwatch clock. He won a new version in June, the Smartwatch clock 2.

Meet Smart Watches currently on the market

This year, however, the smart watches have gained new impetus with the launch of the Pebble. The success of the clock, created from an initiative of crowdfunding, renewed the public’s interest by category and gave rise to rumors that several large companies, including Apple and Google, would be creating their models.

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