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Smartphone brings Android 2.3 version

By Stella Dauer

Without delay, we have prepared this review. The Galaxy S II was launched 28 June day and now we jump through hoops to get it quickly on hand and tell you what is the best Android smartphone of Brazil, with few chances of being toppled from the throne in the coming months.

I warn you that it is awesome. I’ve been with the Atrix days ago and was satisfied with it, I could be completely bowled over with this one. So much so that I even made a comparison between the two, which comes out soon. Take account of S II for now.


The great motto of Galaxy S II is your fineness. Are only 0, 88 mm thick, really too thin. That feeling increases sheet of paper because it is almost all straight, with few rounded. The back has slightly rounded corners and a boss to fix by hand, as the Galaxy S. The CAP that covers the battery is textured plastic, nice not to slip.

He is all black, except for the plastic decoration around the screen, as your predecessor. However, the straight lines and well defined edges do not allow it to be seen as poorly done. And be thin, lightweight: only 116 grams, far less than several less powerful appliances that come through here.

The front is taken by Gorilla Glass-glass anti-and risks across the screen, only the main physical button work, the phone, the front camera and light sensors. The sides have the power button, the volume and the hole to fit chaveirinhos. At the top we have the standard input headphone jack; under the MIC and the microUSB connection; and after a little sound output and the camera together with your flash.


Another highlight of the appliance. Not satisfied with the AMOLED , Samsung brought the Super AMOLED . And I’m still not satisfied with it, put in the Galaxy S II Super AMOLED Plus-product name Tabajara. The company ensures the best image quality with her, and is really great, very bright and very colorful. However, we haven’t seen any stark difference from her to the Super AMOLED screen, already existing on the Galaxy S.

And as if that wasn’t enough brightness, we also have the size, with a monstrous 4.27-inch capacitive screen with WVGA resolution (480 × 800 pixels) and 16 million colors. Within the design of the device, it looks like even bigger, but this whole size let the Act of watching movies a lot more comfortable, or play some racing games, fighting, among others.

Operating system

The Galaxy S II brings the version 2.3 of Android, known as Gingerbread. In General, it doesn’t make much difference, but small details and small improvements in system speed improve interaction after all.

All Androids from Samsung have similar interface-even those who bring the Bada-system, so there’s no telling exactly what changes because of Android or because of the company. You need to know is that there is a huge hole between this system and this interface for the appliance predecessor, even with the extra colors to leaving less elegant than found in Motorolas.

This interface called TouchWiz-is faster, smarter and more intuitive. One of the proofs of this are the three functions of movement. In turn, you mute the phone when it rings just by turning it with the screen down. With the inclination, you approach images and Web pages landing two fingers on the screen and tilting the appliance back and forth. And finally, in panoramic, you slide widgets by 10 screens available in the home by keeping the app in question tight and lean the Galaxy S II for sides.

Those who like to customize your system and tweak it, too will be happy: the settings of this device are extensive, and there are things that only experts can move. Are many and many settings, but with a few of them you already have a functional phone.

The power saving mode has a number of things to save battery and save nature, such as disabling connections, updates and protocols after a certain time without use and decrease the brightness of the screen low battery. Come to some saving tips.


His keyboard is one of the best we’ve tweaked, precise, soft and with great haptic response. Both in normal typing as when using Swype technology-where we slide our fingers to write-error rate is very low.

The browser is the same as that in the other Androids. Nothing too complex, but complete enough to store bookmarks and open several tabs at the same time. If you prefer, all in flash, since the 10.1 version of player coming into the unit.

The use of the phone itself, combining hardware and software is simple. The look is a little messy with so many colors and many different formats of widgets, but in the end you find out that it is simple to get where you want, with a reasonable number of clicks.


Firming of time the era of stout, the Galaxy S smartphones II also has two processor cores, only this one is of 1, 2 GHz, an ARM Cortex-A9. This is even more than the iPad, more than the Xoom. Here at you  can get more different models and styles.

This is accompanied by 1 GB of RAM memory, and by statements by the text, I can see it’s a very fast machine. The transitions are fast and can even be compared to the iPhone 4. There’s no bad time with him, but be careful: just over 10 minutes of direct use and the part close to the camera heated up too.

Listen to music while browsing the internet, changes his mind and play Angry Birds, a heavy game. Let it go and open the Readers Hub, and switch to the Social Hub. Let all this open and still have fast performance, with low battery consumption.

This device is prepared for 4 g networks, faster that the current. The release of the Samsung Galaxy S II said that by the end of the year expects the Brazil is already at that speed. Other than that have Wi-Fi n, GPS with A- GPS and Bluetooth 3.0 + HS, which promises much faster file transfers.

And to ensure good moves and good answers to them, the Galaxy S II has accelerometer, digital compass, gyro and also with proximity sensors and light.


Another highlight of the Galaxy S II. In addition to the front camera of 2MP-very good for video conferences, by the way-this appliance comes with a rear camera, with 8-megapixel sensor and ability to produce videos in Full HD (1080 p).

And finally, the Game Hub helps you find games specially designed to be played in net and with HD resolution, offering social and premium games, brought by Gameloft and more complex.

There are also other utilities such as the Kies Air, Samsung’s application to connect the appliance to the computer using the WI-Fi network and the browser. Wi-Fi direct does almost the same thing, but can connect to the desktop and other devices. And the Wi-Fi hotspot is already known, because it allows you to share the 3 g or Wi-Fi connection with multiple devices, notebooks, etc.

We must not forget the Polaris, Viewer and editor for Office documents and PDF , culture and content applications and the game Heroes of Sparta HD demo version. And just like the Blur, the Samsung also helps you find your lost device, simply register on the site.

Music and media

But, for a potent cell as he is, he missed a connection microHDMI to the Galaxy S II can be connected to an HD TV that is resolved with applications like AllShare, which share media with devices that have the DLNA Protocol, but is not the same thing.

The external sound, as I expected, it’s bad. As soon as I saw the tiny audio output, I knew you would have muffled sound and graves lost. What a pity. But on the phone headset that comes with the appliance within the community, the picture changes. You go out in the world and is just on music, with great stereo and without distortions. And don’t expect too much of the music player. He is quite simple, as almost all the Androids.

In the video he rocks. In addition to film, he also plays back files in 1080 p. If this screen is already attractive with mere pictures, imagine passing Transformers in it? Is to be blown away, is a great screen for watching movies. And if it starts to hurt the eye, just decrease the light intensity.

Battery and storage

The item battery is still in testing with us, but I can say that we are using the device in full swing there are 3 hours, with all the possible connections and she’s just under half do not receive with full battery. By this prediction, you can tell that he can take some 11 hours away, a great number for both processing and for a screen like that.

He’s cool storage. 16 GB of internal space are free to put anything you want, like music, videos, photos and applications. Who do you think is the Samsung justifies saying that 16 GB give and leaves for a smartphone. And, if you think about it, it’s true.

But, if you are addicted to free space, you can always count on the microSD card inside the Galaxy S II. It supports up to 32 GB extra storage, increasing the final space to 48 GB. It’s great, right?

Who will buy?

Who doesn’t care to spend the price of a laptop computer, an iPad or a course abroad in Exchange for better Android currently in this country. Screen, processing, system design, camera… He kills everything in the chest and makes beautiful goals.

We can see in Galaxy S II rather than we can wait for the end of the year and 2012 in terms of Smartphone operating systems. Will be more interactions, intuitive and simple gestures, and more and more media-oriented.


Bright and colorful screen;

Great quality camera, with Full HD footage;

Functions through gestures with the appliance;


High value;

With little use, appliance heats up too much;

Missed a HDMI connection;

Samsung Galaxy S II

Price: R $2000

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