Nokia’s Two Android-Powered Smartphones First Ready in the Beginning of 2017

Nokia’s two Android-powered smartphones are first ready in stores in 2. quarter of 2017. The confirmation comes, surprisingly, from Microsoft, which has just sold the Nokia.

If you are eagerly awaiting to be able to buy one of Its two forthcoming and so long-awaited Android smartphones, you must arm yourself with a little patience yet.

It seems to that the two top models revealed a little later than expected.

‘HMD Global (owner of Nokia’s commercial rights for 10 years) is planning to launch two new phones in the 4th quarter of 2016 and at least two smartphones in the beginning of the 2nd quarter 2017.0 ‘ sounds it according to Nokiapoweruser.

The announcement comes neither from Nokia or the new Finnish company HMD global, which you can read more about here. It is mysterious enough instead from Microsoft’s Director of mobile phones in Asia.

It may sound a little strange, since Nokia has just been separated from Microsoft, since the it giant sold the remains of the Finnish producer from themselves. There is nevertheless still a relationship between Microsoft and Nokia. At Microsoft’s sell-offs of Nokia smoke production Department for the company, which is owned by FIH Mobile factory, Foxconn, while the right to the name as you know, was handed over to the HMD global.

Just FIH Mobile manages Microsoft’s factory in Viet Nam, where its products are produced-and therefore probably also Nokia phones, smartphones and tablets before long.

Nokia’s Chinese Manager said two months ago that the plan was to reveal the phones in this year’s fourth quarter, i.e. October, November or December it with the caveat that the launch could possibly be moved depending on how the testing and development of the phones would take place.

With the recent announcement from Microsoft-the boss suggests it so that Nokia’s comeback is delayed a bit. The news at the end of 2016 will be for ‘ only ‘ some common feature phones as heating for the two smartphones, which now is expected to be ready early in the 2. on a quarterly basis. It will probably say in the month of april.

The two phones will be according to rumors on respectively 5.2 “and 5.5”-both with OLED displays and a QHD-resolution. They are both made of metal and get a IP68 certification, so the minimum will be watertight. In addition, you can look forward to Android Nougat-software. Whether it will be version 7.0 or 7.1, not yet known.

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