Nokia N97 or Motorola Milestone (Droid)?

I had a Nokia N97 for 2 months and now complete 2 months that I’m with the Motorola Milestone (A853), the famous Droid! I waited 2 months of use these pass to can write an article comparing it to be fair, having the same speaking time on each of the devices.

The comparative Nokia N97 x Motorola Milestone is separated according to the points that I thought relevant. To make the reading more pleasant avoid going into technical details, focusing more on the results obtained.


The screen of both phones is touch type (touchscreen), but the Milestone is multi-touch. The screen of the N97 ‘s 3.5 “and the the Motorola Milestone has 3.8.1″! In addition to being bigger, the Milestone screen has a resolution of 854 × 480, 640 x 360 pixels against Nokia N97. This higher resolution allows displaying HD quality videos on Youtube or even movies converted to run on your mobile phone using the Format Factory. All the icons have better definition and for higher resolution the Milestone lets you view very small texts in order to fit most web pages on one screen without scrolling bar or resizing. Watching the numbers may appear that the difference is small, but the N97 lose ugly in this regard. In addition to the higher resolution of screen of Motorola Milestone, the sensitivity is much higher. It’s no exaggeration to say that, if you use the Milestone first and then spend the N97, will think that there is a fault when using the touch screen of the N97. Much of the responsiveness of the screen of the Milestone is thanks to the fast processor and operating system evolved. On screen, the Milestone is incomparably better than the N97!

Design and Practicality

Everyone to his own taste? It might even be … but the N97 pleased me a lot. The Motorola Milestone is more boxy, all black without many details. The side buttons of Motorola Milestone are not easy to distinguish using tact, what the N97 is really easy. Locking the screen of the Nokia N97 is made by a side button easy to find, that must be moved sideways and back to its original position after being released. In Motorola Milestone this button is in the upper position of the appliance and not always and easy to find and engage using only one hand. The Nokia N97, the button that opens the options menu is a common button, in relief on the front of the appliance. The Motorola Milestone no common buttons on the front, only the drawings of the buttons that are activated only at the touch. The N97 metallic details give a modern appearance, contrasting with the classic black of the Motorola Milestone. The way the keyboard slides is also more original N97, leaving the unit in an inclined position very interesting for reading or viewing videos. The weight is another factor in that Milestone owe. It was already hard to let the N97 in the Pocket while running, now with 15 grams over the Motorola Milestone, run with the cell phone is very unpleasant. In my opinion, Nokia N97 impresses more in design to the Motorola Milestone, due mainly to the functional! Point to Nokia!

Keyboard and Typing

Without a doubt the keyboard of the N97 is better. The keys are separated and easy to distinguish in tact. The way the keyboard is positioned to be opened also gives a concert at the Motorola Milestone. But the Android operating system using the Milestone has better usability, with auto complete feature more efficient, which makes typing on the Milestone to be much simpler and more efficient. In addition to the physical keyboard, both devices rely on a software keyboard that appears on the screen when the physical keyboard is not open. The N97 is very disheartening to have to use this virtual keyboard. Typing is very slow and complicated, both because of the bad distribution of keys displayed and the answer of the touch screen. At the Milestone, the virtual keyboard is so good that it is necessary to use the physical keyboard. Both devices come with directional button. In the Milestone he is on the right side of the keyboard, which bothers some. The Milestone, in addition to the physical keyboard and there is still a virtual keyboard Wi-fi program, which enables you to enter the text in the browser to manage the device. In summary: the Milestone WINS with advantage of N97 in terms of keyboard and typing of text. After typing an email or chat in the chat with the Milestone, doing the same task in the N97 is almost a disappointment!


In this regard included the display of videos and music, to be stored in the device itself or via the internet on Youtube or other streaming any. The largest screen of the Droid makes the experience much better video on it that the N97, but the N97 speakers are excellent auto making audio far superior. The Milestone, the audio from the speakers is low and it is difficult to hear in traffic or in public places. Another fact that stands out is the N97 in the internal memory size: 32 GB to store programs and files from various media, including photos, videos and music! The 2 devices include entrance to micro SD memory card. The N97, you can put a 16 GB card, expanding to 48 GB memory. The Milestone, the internal memory is small with only 256 MB free for installation of applications, but it accepts memory cards of up to 32 GB. The Motorola Milestone originally comes with a micro SD card 8 GB. Despite all these features carry a “technical draw”, the Motorola Milestone Android integration with Youtube and Picasa Web albums take the win in this regard also. Not only is it possible to view all Picasa Web albums as well as synchronize photos with just a few clicks. Using the supplied headphones, the audio quality stall too. And finally on the N97 has the most multimedia receiver and FM transmitter. Are very useful, but it still doesn’t make the N97 a unanimous choice.

Gps Navigation

The N97 has the maps and navigation software Nokia maps, which is free. The Droid comes with the Motonav, the Motorola. Nokia Maps is arguably easier to use and more well done. The maps are more up to date and more polished interface. My experience with the software Motorola Motonav left the impression that he was done for the previous generation. The interface is slow and seems “adapted” to mobile phones with touch screen. In addition the Motonav is paid. The GPS hardware itself has some subtle differences, and I believe the Milestone a little better than the N97 because it can capture the signal from the satellites much faster and often even indoors, which rarely occurred in the Nokia N97. While Google does not allow caching of maps is done in memory and enable the voice navigation without the need for data connection, Android will come out losing in relation to the Symbian operating system used on the N97. There are other maps software that store all the maps on the device, but the usability is poor and the resources or the approach of those who are offered by Google Maps. In short: If the GPS is very important Milestone is not a good choice, for now.

Operating System

There’s little to be said here as the difference is huge between the N97 Symbian S60 and Android 2.1, the latest version available for the Motorola Milestone when writing this article in July 2010. Android integrates with Google applications (GMail, contacts, Orkut, Talk, Picasa, Youtube, maps, etc.) easily and often, and also to other popular services like Twitter, Facebook and many others. Almost everything in Symbian is more difficult and time-consuming to be done that on Android. You can see clearly that the Android is an operating system more stable and modern Symbian, which in turn seems to have suffered many adaptations over time and now is swollen too, with several functions and outdated concepts that cannot be removed without having to start again. It wasn’t only that, Android is now in version 2.2, soon to be released for the Motorola Milestone, and as for the N97, no predictions of updates for your operating system. Droid gets fired in this!


Because they are so connected applications to the operating system, the Milestone is also much better in this regard. The Android Market present in Motorola Milestone allows you to install and manage thousands of applications quickly and organized. Already the Ovi Store Nokia N97 is much slower and the amount of apps is much smaller. One more for the Milestone.


The battery of my Nokia N97 lasted more than the Milestone. Could be sometimes up to 3 days without recharging with the N97, while it is necessary to recharge almost every day the battery the Motorola Milestone. However this is not very precise. Should take into account the fact that with the Milestone, the prgramas work well in backgroud and this is reason to leave the Wi-fi on all day. With the N97 I wouldn’t let a lot running to avoid leaving the appliance slow. Soon in this battery is no good comparison criterion of choice between the devices.

Telephony and Contact Management

As being compared cell phones, it is necessary to observe closely the management of contacts and links. The Nokia N97 is difficult to perform the synchronization of contacts with some online system. Several times I tried to accomplish such a task and I ended up with duplicate contacts or just the first time synchronized, without updating the changes made. With the Milestone was different: all contacts were synced with Google, and it was enough to get the Google contact management to organize and merge some of the contacts. On Android you can mark contacts as Favorites and automatically the contacts to whom you turn are displayed after the favorite contacts. The Nokia N97, you need more than 5 touch screen to call a contact that you have 2 telephone numbers, and the interface and slow. On Android make a phone call is much simpler and history seems to have no limit on the number of calls displayed. Get the Milestone again.

Conclusion: I did the N97 for Motorola Milestone soon after realizing some of the points I listed in this comparison. Comparing the 2 devices for less than half an hour I was able to see how much the Milestone is better.

In summary, the Motorola Milestone is even well higher than the Nokia N97, and will get even better when you leave the Android 2.2.

Like the comparison? Leave your opinion or ask questions! I hope I helped!

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