Nokia Lumia 930 in the Test

Now several weeks in which I have extensively tested the Nokia Lumia 930 , I can tell you from my experience. The new top model of Nokia has accompanied me West coast road trip on my USA, I also figuratively trying to put something in this article :). After I at the Lumia 1520 test some have criticized the large screen size, used the Lumia 930 now will use the current trend size of 5 inches who already use also competitors such as Samsung, HTC, Sony and probably Apple. A Smartphone with ideal size and neat power – see all we us but now in detail at.

First impression / design

Typical of Lumia: the bright colors! My Nokia Lumia 930 came in a shrill green. I think personally very nice for those who like less freaked out can be green or orange also a Lumia 930 in buy black or white. Important detail to: the black Lumia is also the aluminium frame in black held, with all other colours it is silver.

The device makes a very good first impression. The aluminium frame is edgy, beautifully designed and includes the slightly rounded surface of the glass. The size is perfect in my opinion: fits easily in the hand and can be stored in tight jeans as well. The Cabinet surface is matt coated, which makes it less likely a “slip by the hand”. The feel of the device feels really good, a device of this magnitude has been lacking under the Windows phones to date definitely!

Technical data

The Nokia Luia 930 is 9, 8mm thick, what m.M.n. should be the upper limit of a Smartphone – otherwise it is simply annoying. Comparison, the iPhone 5s is around 2 with 7, 6 mm, 1mm thinner as the test device.

The Clearblack OLED display delivers crisp full HD razor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels images, that not bad.

Battery/operating time

The following specify the times, as set out in the technical specifications:

  • Talk time (GSM, max.): 21.7 hours
  • Talk time (UMTS / 3 G, max.): 17.9 h
  • Music playback (max.): 75 hours
  • Wireless charging: integrated (qi-standard)

On our tour along the West Coast’s came more often that the device had to come out the day without power supply. While the Lumia never moved into the energy saving mode (hammer on the battery indicator :-)).) On longer trips, we have used the Lumia as the sound system (Spotify) – worked perfectly and one first of all: the sound is really good!

And otherwise?

The device has a quad-core processor with 2.2 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and an internal memory of 32 GB. In addition, there are currently 15 GB in the cloud storage service OneDrivewhich I can really recommend you and super works together with a Windows phone, as already in the Lumia 1520 test described


Because there are some photo fans among readers with security, here the complete technical facts to the camera, so I leave also no detail:

  • Sensor size: 20 MP PureView
  • Focus (type): auto focus: camera button with two pressure points
  • (Digital zoom) zoom rate: 2 x
  • Carl ZEISS Optics: Yes
  • Sensor size: 1/2.5 inch
  • Aperture: Aperture 2.4
  • Focal length: 26 mm
  • Focus distance (minimum): 10 cm
  • Supported photo formats: JPEG/EXIF
  • Flash light (type): Dual-LED flash
  • Range of flash light: 3.0 m
  • Flash modes: Off, auto, on

More important camera functions provided by Nokia:

  • Camera features: Lens with 6 elements, Hintergrundbeleuchteter image sensor, 2 x zoom and high resolution, optical image stabilization, PureView
  • Add-ons for the digital camera: panoramic lens, Nokia refocus, Bing vision, cinema g lens, Nokia camera, Nokia Glam me

The pictures look like? Can I make decent recordings as photo lay it? These are the questions that interest me and that I hopefully can give an answer you. For the time being: the Lumia offers with “Nokia camera” very many setting possibilities. So can be screwed, for example, on the shutter speed, the ISO number etc. to as everything from an image to tease out. Below you can see a recording of this function (taken with the iPhone camera, so all setting points on the Lumia display appear), which I recorded in our Airbnb apartment in Hollywood.

To test the camera (ok, not only because) we went to the Griffith Observatory, Hollywood. This is located on the South side of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park and offers stunning views over Los Angeles. Arrived we are, the perfect time alone to look at the Observatory (absolute recommendation) and then something so against 16:00 to wait for the sunset. This then was the moment where I started my Lumia 930 camera test (sunsets are not quite without, due to the shining etc.). In the end, the following pictures came it out (all raw):

… and if some photo experts on the photos of “Error”, it was probably on my lack of skill in working with many features.


As well as at the Lumia 1520 test I was enthusiastic about the business opportunities that offers a Windows phone. The 930 proved a good camera and the sharp Spedifikationen as a good all-round device on my USA trip through a very good battery runtime. I wonder how Microsoft is expanding the Lumia product line and advance.

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