Nokia Lumia 525 to 520 E Succeed Will Attempt to Maintain Its Good Sales

Nokia Lumia 520 is easier with Windows Phone 8 Nokia smartphone, but that doesn’t mean that it has not raised great interest among the public. The opposite has been one of the great triumphs of the Finns in recent years, and it seems that soon we will see his successor. Nokia Lumia 525.

The terminal has been confirmed after appearing in a small banner ad in the official website of Nokia as a prize for a contest. There is no more trace, Although some suggest that Lumia 525 is the formerly ‘Glee’ and that, by its nomenclature, will include a basic and simple, hardware designed to sell for a reasonable price. As a reference, the current 520 can be found in Amazon Spain for 135 euros.

Nokia Lumia 525 “Glee” tipped to ship in yellow, white, and orange.

— @evleaks (@evleaks) October 31, 2013

There are still many questions to discover, among which the main one is the size of the screen. Lumia 620 and 625 Lumia, we saw a remarkable increase (from 3.8 to 4.7 inches) that could also be in the new Nokia Lumia 525, possibly up to 4.5 inches. Better processor and perhaps the same RAM (512 MB) for a phone that will not bring any remarkable novelty, rather than raise a small evolution on the same generation of Windows Phone 8 terminals.

Nokia Lumia 525 It could be another best seller for Nokia provided they are looking for an attractive price for it. 625 can be found around 250 euros, so the most logical thing is that the new 525 is closer to 200, and even to lower this barrier. We can not ensure a release date, but taking into account that the rumors are increasingly frequent the most logical thing is thinking it’s coming in 2013.

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