Nexus 5 Only to Denmark with 16 GB of Memory

Nexus 5 are presented with both 16 and 32 GB of memory, but it is the only Edition with 16 GB sold in Denmark.

Since Google unveiled their new Nexus 5 last week, they stated that this comes in a version with both 16 and 32 GB of memory.

It will only be possible in Denmark to buy the version with 16 GB of internal memory, since Google does not want others to sell the model with 32 GB.

-“In Denmark has Nexus 5 16 GB memory.¬†There is concluded an agreement with Google that 32 GB version only sold via Google, “says LGs Danish country Manager Morten Aagaard.

You will be able to buy Nexus 5 with, among other things, Telia, TDC, 3, Telmore, Call me and Elgiganten. Price will be around 4,000 dollars without subscription.

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