Kazam: That Is Why We Are Here Also about 15 Years

Web TV: Kazam does not go after the rapid gains. The investors behind are experienced people who have long-term plans.

The new mobile producer Kazam throwing huge sums of money in a big European launch of, in the first place. seven smartphones.

The money comes from private investors (private equity investor’s) already is behind mobile amongst other brands on the Russian market, something they have done for over 10 years. One example is the Plane Mobile that is dominated in Eastern Europe and Russia.

-“The experience of investors we draw on. In the markets they are represented is the number two or three, just after a known brand from South Korea, “says Kazams CEO Michael Coombes.

Kazam has currently about 50 employees in Europe, all of whom are experienced people who typically are downloaded with competing companies.

Michael Coombes assures that Kazam not out after a win on the short course, but are prepared to be in the market for many years to come.

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