HTC Introduces Trinity with a Focus on Images

There was both a phone, an action-camera and a whole new experience on the program, since HTC held court in New York.

There was a focus on images, on action and on the social, as HTC took to the stage in New York. About 600 reporters from most of the world had taken place and so on, as HTC revealed a new phone, an action camera and a whole new focus on images. Our site is with, invited by HTC.

It was expected that there would be a phone that had a tremendously high resolution on the front, and it was also expected that there would be an action camera.

People who had hoped for a Nexus-tablet, however, had to go disappointed from HTC’s presentation, because there was nothing new on that front. Thus is rumored stock market therefore still active on the front, and the speculation is going to be many.

HTC Desire Eye-phone for selfie-lover

Thanks to the infamous jungle drums, so there were not many surprises in the HTC Desire Eye, as so rightly turned out to have a 13MP front camera – and it has the main camera on the back also.

In other words, it is a real selfie-phone that is talking about, and there are a number of features that help on that front. For the first time, there is also a dual-Flash on the front in order to give a more natural light.

Front camera is fully functional with zoom, voice control, countdown and a lot of features that can make it a little more exciting to take pictures. For images has been a very prominent role with HTC.

Water resistance, there has also been talked about, and also rumors that hit the spot. With an IPX7-certification can HTC Desire Eye taken down to a depth of half an hour. And HTC Desire Eye does not need a valve or flap to keep water out.

Even if the phone has been water-proof, so there is still HTC’s popular Boom Sound-technology with the HTC Desire in the Eye – it’s just hidden.

RE – an action-camera

HTC expands business with a camera that can be taken for a bit of each. RE is the name of the little camera that videotaped 146 degrees at a time and always on.

RE marks when you take hold of it, and then it becomes activated and is ready for filming. There are only two buttons on the camera, and HTC has placed great emphasis on the fact that it should be simple to manage.

With HTC RE do you get 16MP pictures in 1080 p video, and HTC have also equipped with some stabilisation software, avoiding overly shaky pictures.

HTC RE can also be controlled from the smart phone if you download the appropriate app. And it is not an error that is not HTC-smartphone, because it can be downloaded to all Android phones and also for iPhones.


HTC Eye Experience

Together with the HTC Desire and HTC RE comes a wider Eye idea that images should be easy. Among other things, have HTC extended Zoes functions, and the app is coming to all Android phones from the Android also iOS 4.3 and 7 and 8.

Have you time in a video call with grandmother, while one is on the way into town, so can the picture well shake a little. Part of HTC’s Eye Experience is that it is possible for the front camera to let the focus follow the face, so it always faced sharp. And you have to show Grandma how good they have been to sudoku, then you can also share his own screen, so the at the other end can keep up with.

HTC’s Eye Experience is baked into the HTC Desire Eye, but these features also coming around to other HTC phones, so we also, for example, on HTC’s flagship One (M8) can control the front camera with voice, take simultaneous images with front and back camera and so on.

There must, however, bear in mind that quality in front the camera does not come with. It is still only found in HTC’s latest bet, HTC Desire Eye.


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