HTC Event d. 8 October-Revisit It Here

Taiwan’s tech-front runner will some more units forward tonight. You can live streame event here.

HTC invites the press to a press event in New York tonight at 22:00 Danish time. Unlike HTC’s One (M8) launch in February, is HTC’s card held much closer to the body. Our site will nevertheless give a bid, on what we expect to see in the evening.

The title of the event is ‘Double exposure’ and suggests that tonight’s new devices will be with the cameras in the Center.

Mobile to uber-selfies

Selfien is this year’s buzz word, and it can be seen on the mobile phone industry, which offers over each other in the race for the ultimate self-portrait. HTC rumored to make competitors ‘ humble attempt to shame with selfiemobilen over them all: HTC Desire Eye.

Ekviperet with a front camera on the towering 13 megapixels and f/2 wide angle optics, puts Desire Eye up to selfies in towering quality, including your any pimples and næsehår.

Phone rumored, to House a 5 inch screen, entangled in a waterproof enclosure. The design offers exciting retro-colors, but selfie-the camera’s location makes the Boom Sound-speakers now is gone.


Actioncam for mobile

Another rumor is pending on a GoPro-like actioncam. Together with Desire Eye’s waterproof qualities, can it and the new camera form a great Alliance.

Images of the camera is leaked, but it remains to be seen what the periscope-like design will offer of functions.

Comeback on tablet-scene?

Lately, but possibly the greatest is HTC’s possible comeback in the tablet scene. After a short and not very successful, affair with format back in 2010 is HTC already now, touted as the producer behind Google’s upcoming Nexus 9 tablet.

Whether HTC will launch their own version of Nexus 9 Tablet under his own brand is unknown, but is that the case is a launch for the evening event stored.

You will see what HTC will present tonight, you can watch the video below or at our site/launch.


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