Get to Know Accessories to ‘Boost’ Your Asus Smartphone

The Zenfone 5 arrived in Brazil in 2014 and fits into the category of smart phone intermediary.If you have already purchased or want to buy the Asus phone, it is worth checking official accessories to make the phone more complete.

The Android device offers a 5-inch HD screen and is available in 8GB and 16GB versions of internal storage.Currently, it can be found for about $ 600 – a more affordable price than the Moto G 3 , for example, which costs $ 999. See below five accessories to enhance the experience of using the Zenfone 5 , such as a flash outer and colored skirts.

1) Zen Ear (headphone)

For those who like to enjoy music on Zenfone 5, you can not miss a good headset.The Zen Ear in-ear model can be very interesting and economical.The design allows you to better isolate the sound for a more complete audio experience without being hampered by external noises.Available in black color, the accessory can be found in the official Brazilian store of Asus for R $ 24.90.

2) ZenPower 10,050 mAh (extra battery)

Do you need extra overtime for the Zenfone 5?ZenPower can be very useful.The compact, credit-card-sized device and only 215 g offers 10,050 mAh charge – 4 times more than the smart phone.The accessory only needs to be plugged into the phone and is available in blue, white, black, gold and pink color versions.The device can be found in the Asus store with a price of $ 129.

Zenfone 2:Five things you need to know about the Asus smartphone inĀ

3) Flip Cover

To make Zenfone more secure, the flip cover can be purchased in white, black and red.The design lets you view a clock on the front of your smartphone, see if you have messages, links, and app messages.All this through the circular display, without having to unlock the device.The cover model is available from the Asus online store in Brazil for a price of $ 49.

4) Zen Case (back cover)

For those who like to customize the phone, Asus offers several options of colored back covers, which can be changed whenever you prefer.Each option is sold on the official website for the amount of $ 19. In total there are 4 colors, in red, black, white and gold.With plastic material, the accessory offers a perfect fit like the factory, without leaving any gaps in the design.

5) External Flash

Lastly, Lolli Flash can be a very useful accessory for smartphone users who enjoy using the camera.The external flash is attached to the headphone output of the phone at the top of the design, and is equipped with two LEDs for extra illumination in any environment.Available in white, black, red, blue and yellow colors, the feature is priced at $ 49 at the Asus store.

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Zenfone 5 already comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop and is in the domestic market in the category of intermediary phones to rival cell phones such as Moto G, Motorola , Galaxy Gran Prime Duos , and Lumia 730 , Microsoft .See also the full review of Zenfone 5 made by TechTudo .

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