Facebook’s Response to Snap Chat, Messenger, Day, Rolls out

An update to the Facebook Messenger app rolls out, which introduces a new feature heavily inspired by Snap chat called ‘Messenger Day’.

Snap chat introduced in the summer of 2011, a whole new way of communicating. Earlier this year left it Facebook-owned Instagram inspiration strongly just Snap chat with feature Stories.

Now follows Facebook up with his idea of how a Snap chat-looked like function should look like in beskedappen Messenger. For a little over two months ago started Facebook rollout of the new feature in Poland, and now disseminated Messenger Day slowly in several places in the world.

The new Snap chat-like feature brings a completely new design with one of the list of conversations. Now there is added a large, round camera button at the bottom center of the Messenger app-exactly as in Snap chat. With it you can send stories out to all your friends, which is available in 24 hours.

The stories can consist of both photos and videos, and there can of course be added a host of filters and stickers. The stories can then be seen in the Messenger app’s overview of the conversations, in which they will be finding at the very top. Everything else in the Messenger looks the way that you do.

It remains to be seen exactly what countries Facebook begins to roll out Messenger Day. It seems that the feature be activated randomly with some users who are using the latest version of the app. There goes, however, probably not long before Facebook launches its Snap chat-competitor in the finished version, both Android and iOS.

Is this Snap chat-like way to communicate on something, you want to take in use in the Messenger app, or Facebook should stick to the traditional instant messaging-chat form? Give your opinion about Facebook’s new Snap chat solution in a comment below.

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