Covers and Films to Harm Your Cell Phone

On the Internet and in specialized stores you will find a wide variety of accessories of this type. Learn to choose the most suitable ones to protect your smart phone. 

In recent years, smart phones have gained numerous functions, become thinner, lighter, and therefore more sensitive to falls. Therefore, it is critical to protect your device   with a cover on the frame and a film on the screen. The measure does not work miracles, but it will ease the damage caused by a fall and avoid damages to your pocket.

On the Internet and in computer and telephone  stores, you will find a wide variety of such accessories. There are many different raw materials, colors and prints. It’s even difficult to choose. But we will explain below the characteristics of each one and which ones we advise.


Conventional-Generally, it is the cheapest and the easiest to find. Made of silicone , it protects the side and back of the device.

Bumper-Produced with plastic and silicone, it protects   only the side  of the device, leaving the back to the show. As it does not have enough material, it does not absorb the impact ideally in case of fall.

Wallet-Not the most suitable type to protect your phone. Generally made of leather or synthetic material, the wallet is also intended for storing cards. However, they may   end up scratching  the screen of the device. If you still choose this type, do not place cards or other objects inside.

Overprotective-It is produced with silicone or TPU and protects all parts of the phone. However, it is   very robust . Its dimensions are a little bigger than those of the phone, which ends up getting heavier. Still, it’s the type we indicate.

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PET-The acronym stands for Polyethylene Terephthalate, a very impact resistant resin that has a silicone film on the side that touches the screen. Its protection, however, is limited to risks rather than falls.

Glass-Some models are  tempered glass  only, while others feature a layer of impact-absorbing silicon, another layer of polyethylene film and an outer blade that”repels”the fat from the fingers. This is the one that most protects the screen, in our understanding.

TPU-This film is made of chemically reinforced plastic, more scratch resistant, and also has a  greaseproof blade . It absorbs well the impact caused by falls.

Liquid film-Launched recently in the market, this type works like this: you drip a few drops of the solution on the  display . After drying, that liquid turns into a   thin layer , which promises to protect against scratches and breakage. Some brands even kill bacteria, protect against moisture and block solar radiation, which can overheat the device. But beware: the protection formed by the dry liquid can last very little time and is inferior to that of other films.

Choose accessories manufactured for your model

You should only buy a cover or film that has the exact dimensions of your phone. An improper cover may not have open spaces in the proper places and, if larger than your model, leaves a gap for  dust entry . If it is smaller, it tends to press buttons on the sides.

Also remember that the device gets very hot especially when the battery is being charged. And, depending on the material of the hood, the heating can be even greater. In this way, remove the accessory before loading it, especially if it is made of leather or silicone. However, leave the appliance in a safe place to   prevent falls.

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