Apple: the Next iPhone May Get Ultra Thin Sapphire Glass

Apple has signed a major agreement with a manufacturer of Sapphire Crystal, which render it probable that the next iPhone will have just Sapphire glass on the screen.

Sapphire Crystal has so far been very expensive and complicated of the produce, but also extremely durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Why has it so far has only been used in Apple’s iPhones to the glass in front of the camera lens and in the fingerprint reader in the new iPhone 5S.

But with new technology and lower production costs, it is possible that Apple’s future iPhones must be fitted with screens of Sapphire Crystal.

Apple has partnered with the GT Advanced Technologies, to a value of 578 million dollars, about production of Sapphire Crystal, writes our site.

Techsitet our site has been visiting at a factory that manufactures Sapphire Crystal-see here how it turns into.

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