Apple Has Nothing New Created Since the iPad and iPhone

Comment: It is two years since Steve Jobs died, but what has Apple invented since? Virtually nothing, but they are still popular.

These days, it is two years since Apple founder Steve Jobs died, and since when is Apple, more and more, become like the other technology companies.

In style with Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and Nokia are continuously piles of rumors about new products, and last came the details about iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 launch, in no way as a surprise; everything was out in advance.

In fact, Apple has nothing new invented since the iPad and iPhone, the founder is gone and now the company is managed by a banker-type, more than an imaginative entrepreneur.

This does not, however, that Apple continue among many consumers, is hugely popular-perhaps because the products are really simple to understand and operate.

I have been following Apple’s development, in line with the rest of the technology industry, over the past many years, and I’m surprised at how much a one-man leadership, can mean for a company.

See the above web-TV feature where I takes stock of Apple, but also remember to see my interview with one of the few Danes who have done business with Steve Jobs.

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