Apple Event on 16 October: New iPad on the Way

5 weeks after Apple’s iPhone launch, dual genindkalder Tim Cook and co. the world’s press for the new Apple event. Here is what we expect to see.

Apple sends out invitations again. This time, for a great made press event at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino. It says the rumors to believers, will we see new iPads, new iMacs and long-awaited updates. It writes our site.

New iPad Air

The event’s biggest star is likely to be a new iPad. iPad Air gets a sequel which undoubtedly will be thinner and will incorporate Touch ID.

Pictures of an iPad Air-prototype is newly leaked, by Vietnamese A source which distinguishes itself by being first with earlier unofficial photos of iPhone 4S, 5S and 5 c prior to launch.

According to, there are teams in the rumors, and confirms that the new iPad Air will shave half a millimeter from its predecessor, while Touch ID finds its way to the home button.

New iMacs

On the desktop front swirling rumors about a high-resolution retina display for Apple’s large 27 inch iMac.At the other end of the scale, it is reported that a smaller Macbook on 12 “with retina display will have a debut.

With the new hardware, will also be new software and OS X Yosemite is expected to get the official debut of the new units. Yosemite brings Apple’s ‘Continuity’ for desktop and laptop, and ensures a deep integration between all your Apple devices.

With ‘ Continuity ‘ you can answer your iPhone Sms or calls from your laptop, or work on a document on the iMac keyboard, for seamless to work further on the iPad on the way out the door.

Possible surprises?

Apple’s own headline for the event is ‘ it’s been way too long ‘, and suggests that some devices will get a long-awaited sequel.

There are no solid rumors about which device, Apple has in mind. But in Apple’s portfolio awaits both the Mac mini, Apple TV and iPod Touch all excited about a sequel.

Apple’s press event will take place at 12 noon. 10 a.m. California time and will live-streamed on Apple’s event website.


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