How to Look Flawless for a Wedding

At a wedding, there are two possibilities: horrify everyone with our clothing or assert our style and elegance. Here I will teach how to get flawless to a wedding:

What you should take into account when choosing the outfit for a wedding

The first thing: you have to stick to the dress code on the invitation. If no, you should take into account place, time and climate.

Weddings performed on the day, either outdoors or in a room: for this type of recommended short dresses in fluid fabrics. You can also choose designs with patterned fabrics.

Weddings that are held in the evening in a garden: use a dress short or long, but with lightweight fabrics. They can even be printed.

Weddings performed at night in a room: you can opt for a short or long dress, but it must be a luxurious appearance.

Tag weddings: for this type of wedding is recommended to always use elegant long dresses.

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Guide to Wedding Invitation

When the date of the wedding is put, invitations go out in a hurry. There are no rules for how it should look like, and what it should be, but here are a few tips.

Wedding ceremony, reception and wedding party – who is going to what?

I have many, want to your wedding, but that’s not all, you will have with it all. It is very normal to divide your guests into two categories – customers who must be involved throughout the day and evening at the party, and guests who are invited to the wedding ceremony and subsequent reception. Choose to have customers with in both categories, you also have two different invitations, since the information is different.

Wedding guests, who are invited to throughout the day and evening should know:

– date of the wedding ceremony

– time and place of the wedding ceremony

– time and place of reception

– time and place of the wedding dinner/party

– deadline to thank Yes or no to the invitation

Wedding guests, who are invited to the wedding ceremony and reception need to know:

– date of the wedding ceremony

– time and place of the wedding ceremony

– time and place of reception

All the convenience

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Marriage Immortalized!

An exchange of glances, the Jack that comes with the rings and gives a “jewel” for a guest known. There are many moments that make the marriage, in addition to the traditional frames, which meet the “Protocol”. We’ve waited the bride’s entrance next to the father, but is the instant the first tear drops, the photographer has to have wit and sensitivity to make the right click. Ready! That moment will be immortalized and able that the bride will allow many other tears down every time I review the image. Continue reading “Marriage Immortalized!”

Impressions for Marriage!

Wedding is the bride’s time. One of dream days by the woman. In that case, the visual account of many points and every detail must be looked at with care.

And after choosing the main, which is the dress, it’s time to get the add-ons. This second time is the time of accessories such as earrings, shoes and head piece. For many years the style Princess tiaras were required, but for a time, fabric flowers and other props has conquered the most romantic. Continue reading “Impressions for Marriage!”

The Best 4 Bem-Casados of Bh

Wedding is a special day, full of meanings and rituals that mark years and years of tradition. Of course you may want to get away from the ordinary and get to do a ceremony and celebration that is more to your face and that is super cool, but some classics need to be kept. Continue reading “The Best 4 Bem-Casados of Bh”

How to Get Married in the Caribbean?

Marriage involves dreams. And one thing we’ve learned over the years is worth–and–do not measure efforts to accomplish what is important to us. And if the subject is the celebration of the marriage, this premise becomes even more real–and special. Continue reading “How to Get Married in the Caribbean?”