Deep Space Tourbillon Watch

Gadgetry: A The Tourbillon is constantly moving at different intervals.

Stanley Kubrick’s monumental film “2001: A Space Odyssey” is one of the most legendary and famous science fiction movies of all time. The clock “Deep Space” to pay tribute to the cinematic work, however drifts in wide spheres and looks like from another planet. Continue reading “Deep Space Tourbillon Watch”

Casio Watch Gwg-1000 Mudmaster G-Shock

Casio presents the new G-SHOCK-perfect for desert, mud and other extreme situations: Gwg-1000 Mudmaster.

Triple sensor measures the direction of the sky, air pressure/altitude and temperature – protection against sludge and vibrations. The new shock-resistant G-SHOCK GWG-1000 of the MUDMASTER collectionhas been specially designed to withstand sludge and vibrations. It plays out its advantages in many different adverse outdoor environments perfectly. Continue reading “Casio Watch Gwg-1000 Mudmaster G-Shock”

Mens Watch Accessories

Women usually have an infinite repertoire of clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories. There, everything is matched to the eye shadow. Men have it easier-or is it maybe? Dress code, business casual, business, evening suit-and accessories according to the matching watch, the right cuff links or other schmückendem the question in the middle – if allowed. As a general rule: the less, the better. Watch, Cufflinks, wedding ring-possibly a Signet Ring, unless justified. Earrings and other jewelry is one depending on the customization craze – the features to be avoided. This is of course leave themselves each as he like to draw the attention on himself!

Continue reading “Mens Watch Accessories”

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watch:

The “Ballon Bleu Cartier – Parrot with floral inlay” is even more rare than the yellow Macaw in the wild.

Not only as an exclusive collectible, this strictly limited women’s watch from Cartier is a rarity. Also the handicraft technology used for the dial for the first time the floral marquetry is a previously unknown first – and not only in the art of watchmaking. Continue reading “Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watch:”

Pasha Cartier Watch

Links: Pasha of Cartier flying Tourbillon skeletonized caliber 9457 MC hallmark of Geneva. Right: Pasha C medium model.

Pasha: The name of this watch in 1943 by Cartier on the market makes think of Oriental opulence and 1001 nights. Visually, the round timer is more sporty than palatial. The sonorous name is a tribute to the man who once was commissioned by the timer according to the legend. Continue reading “Pasha Cartier Watch”

Seiko Watches: Reviews and Prices

Bienvenid@s to our guide about Seiko 5!

Seiko is watches, already at this stage it is one brand rather than consolidated in the field. And Seiko 5 Sports automatic line is presented as one of the best for those watches that one may look at all times.

The watch is equipped with a massive rotating bezel and space luminous indices for operation in dark conditions. Continue reading “Seiko Watches: Reviews and Prices”