How to Avoid Fog in Diving Mask

No point in denying it, any fan of diving, free diving or snorkeling, I’ve tried to put his head under water, at least once came across the problem of fogging of glasses of his new mask. Those odious halos that fog up the lens and impede visibility are hated by everyone! So here is a simple, effective and inexpensive way to solve the problem that plagues all divers and snorkelers and not. Continue to read and don’t miss our tips on how to avoid fogging of the diving mask! Result assured by Commit4Fitness!

Be sure to have on hand: toothpaste, magnets, sponge or cloth.

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How To Choose Swimwear for Your Body Shape

Inspired by the Bridgat in Miami, we want to share with you the tricks to choose swimwear according to the shape of your body. Do not hide your curves during the hottest time of the year, get out your figure with tips to choose right for you swimwear.

Narrow hips

If your body has a inverted triangle, that is, that your top is wider than the lower; You must find how to balance it. In the case of bathing suits, you must find styles that visually create volume on this part of your body.

The bathroom dresses that emphasize your hips are ideal for this type of figure; You can find them with ribbons or even ruffled.

Voluptuous bust

In the world of bathing suits, with a wide range of models, many times we are led by the colors and avant-garde styles but if you have been blessed with a pronounced bust, one of the most important things is the support. Not only is the fact that the lack of adequate support can wreak havoc on your back while you’re in the pool, but if it does not fit well, what we least want in a dip, that comes out flying piece outdoor together with your desire to enjoy the summer.

For this reason, my recommendation is that you choose them with thick straps on the shoulders, in the bust and adjustable back in the bra cups.

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History of the Bikini and Mini Skirt

Fashion has gone in the history of mankind describing it. It is possible to define a time depending on how people dressed back then. Dreams, desires, fears, insecurities, culture… Everything is reflected in the dressing room.

Also, many of the items that were invented at a time from a certain need, have been redefining it and adopting new meanings as the years passed.

Nowadays, garments that you usually look regularly, like the miniskirt or bikini, have a curious and interesting origin. Let’s see:

The miniskirt

Mary Quant, a British designer, revolutionized the world on July 10, 1964 to present her collection spring – summer, which saw the light, for the first time, the miniskirt.

This piece, which exposes one of the sexiest parts of the female body, has always been symbol of coquetry and freshness, and has conquered the whole world. Its length can be variable, but always above the knee.

The true miniskirt should see at least half of the thigh.

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Good Quality Flippers For Swimming

Flippers gives you more speed

The flippers are also called fins and are an important part of the classic equipment you will use when you snorkel. Flippers are designed to give you extra speed underwater and thus making your swimming experience even better.


Soft or hard fins

The harder the blade on your flippers, the bigger and better propulsion you get. However, it is also more exhausting to swim with fins, hard as the resistance of water becomes greater. If you need to go snorkeling, are relatively soft fins the most ideal choice since you here do not need high speed over long distances. It also means that your fins for snorkeling should not be overly long and powerful.

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Where to Buy a Bathing Cap

Find bathing cap that fits your needs

When you jump in the water, it is important that you have a shower cap that fits your needs. A shower cap can be used to reduce resistance in the water and to protect hair from chlorine water and sun. It is essential to achieve the right fit and thus avoid bathing cap off wrinkles. In this way, you can get a more fun experience next time, you need to be in the water.

bathing cap

Become faster in the water and protect the hair with a shower cap

The right shower cap reduces resistance, so you get a better experience in the water. The smooth, water-resistant surface allows the water slides around the head, and thus does not stop your progress. A shower cap in good quality ensures a high comfort and perfect fit, so it feels comfortable to swim with. bathing cap also protects the hair from chlorinated water, so your hair will not be worn if you swim a lot. Do you have long hair, there are special models that fits this, so you’re still achieves an optimum comfort.

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