Day 2 of Week of Baby Shoes that Make Me Smile

Second day of our week of showing that shoe, when well chosen, yields a lifetime of beautiful looks. So, yesterday, when I was getting ready to go out for lunch with the husband who was off because I worked all weekend, the Slipper was already there, separadinho, ready to get paint on the streets of SanFran. We were going out to lunch in the neighborhood , i.e. the foot. And I didn’t even think twice. One thing I can say with all my heart is that this couple is comfortable.Was a prerequisite for the wedding shoe choice simply because I wanted to use it from the beginning to the end of the party. Continue reading “Day 2 of Week of Baby Shoes that Make Me Smile”

The Different Types of Shoes

High, narrow, wide or as a block-the heels of women’s shoes can look like this. There are different types of shoes and every woman has her favorite. But do you really know all the different variants? If not, you will get to know the most common styles of women’s shoes in the following. This way you can search for a specific paragraph for the next purchase and the new shoes are nothing to stand in the way. Continue reading “The Different Types of Shoes”