Black Suit Plus Size Jeans with a Japanese Touch

During my visit to Japan, I had large sizes in addition to the classical sightseeing outfits, such as jeans and shorts, a black suit with luggage. I have not saved the me for special occasions, but I brought it for my tour of the city and sights from the case and combined. I was tired at some point in jeans & co. to run around and wanted to simply have a different look. A black suit is large size Yes a pretty ingenious piece of clothing: it is an absolute transformation talent. A smarter business look? With black jacket and pants – no problem. Or a casual outfit for everyday? With a T-Shirt underneath, is a shoe out of it. Or a cool style for the evening? Black goes we know always and as suit, fancy shoes, sequin top, statement jewelry combined, something magical from it. It will then elegant with silky blouse and high heels. So a black suit is just like a white canvas which can unfold fashionable woman. Continue reading “Black Suit Plus Size Jeans with a Japanese Touch”

Kardashian Plus Size Fashion

When I tried on the dress, I’ve felt instantly a bit like Kim Kardashian – I think she’s great, by the way and I love their style and the Po.Perhaps this is a bit on my Brazilian origin, but basically I’m a big fan of curvy celebrities, so such as also Sofia Vergara (“Modern Family” is terrific, by the way – if you not should know that, check out the series to and necessarily in English!). Continue reading “Kardashian Plus Size Fashion”

Large Size, Large Class?

The bleating Trine is once again on the road, I’m sorry if it annoys you, but I just have my mustard to the Sommemoden plus size collection rid of Tchibo. Perhaps you noticed that too on one or the other way, sometime so a quarter of a year ago, Tchibo called, that you could sign up for a workshop with them. Here the new plus size revised collection discussed, presented, and customer wishes and ideas should be taken up and implemented. Continue reading “Large Size, Large Class?”

Plus Size Floral Dress: Where to Find and How to Use

Spring is ever closer and that makes me very happy, because it is my favorite season! I love flowers, I love color and if there’s one thing you can’t miss in my wardrobe is the floral dress. In fact I have several and I never tire of looking for new models, because they are super feminine and delicate. I know that some people are still afraid to use certain types of stamps, but I will help you to understand that this is a really stupid, so I see my tips on how to use and where to find the most beautiful floral dresses plus size!

Continue reading “Plus Size Floral Dress: Where to Find and How to Use”