Large Size, Large Class?

The bleating Trine is once again on the road, I’m sorry if it annoys you, but I just have my mustard to the Sommemoden plus size collection rid of Tchibo. Perhaps you noticed that too on one or the other way, sometime so a quarter of a year ago, Tchibo called, that you could sign up for a workshop with them. Here the new plus size revised collection discussed, presented, and customer wishes and ideas should be taken up and implemented. Continue reading “Large Size, Large Class?”

Plus Size Floral Dress: Where to Find and How to Use

Spring is ever closer and that makes me very happy, because it is my favorite season! I love flowers, I love color and if there’s one thing you can’t miss in my wardrobe is the floral dress. In fact I have several and I never tire of looking for new models, because they are super feminine and delicate. I know that some people are still afraid to use certain types of stamps, but I will help you to understand that this is a really stupid, so I see my tips on how to use and where to find the most beautiful floral dresses plus size!

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Junarose-A Revolution the Plus Size Market?

I’ll admit, when Dani us all on Twitter geadded and what told us of a new plus size collection, I was very skeptical. Far too often, we were “new” “modern” seduced in recent years by the words “young” and then disappointed. Again and again the same crap (sorry!). When we were in Hamburg for the Dani, Maite Kelly show has taken the chance and invited us in the also in the Hamburg show room ofJUNAROSE . Continue reading “Junarose-A Revolution the Plus Size Market?”

Custom Plus Size Outfits

The Oktoberfest has again opened its doors and the 182. Oktoberfest is in full swing! The next 2 weeks it is again the beer tent, fast rides and into the costume. In keeping with the Wiesn I already have my Dirndl outfit in the box and want to give a few tips on the festive garb today. If you look at the history of the Dirndl in the last 10 years, you will notice that yet so a lot has happened. Somehow the clothes are getting shorter, more colorful and unfortunately also cheaper.

A dirndl has absolutely nothing to do with a fancy dress. This way first Cheap Dirndl for 39.95 euros lure of course, but the quality leaves much to be desired but usually (but exceptions gladly confirm the rule). A lot of luxury costume can easy and fast cost around 800 euros, but clearly does not have to be if you want to buy you a dirndl specially for the festival. There are beautiful and good quality dirndl already for about 150 euros.

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Plus Size Blogger

Today I give you a plus size blog by a beautiful blogger with a heart: the lovely 25 year-old ELA shows on her fashion blog called ConQuore how can curvy women particularly nice dress and feel beautiful and to. Because good looks and well-being is not a question of size

How to feel beautiful

For me ELA of a parade example of this is how you can look great as a woman regardless of the size of the dress. Look beautiful is the one thing – another feel good: it is attitudinal, the positive feeling of body, well-being, broadcasting, what it’s about. If you accept yourself and think it’s beautiful, the most others do.
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How to Dress for an O Body Shape

Focus the figure type O is the center of the body. Belly and hips are the breast chubby and round like an O, usually lush. The legs, however, are often slim. That looks familiar to you? You belong to the character type O.

You should make sure that you optically stretch the upper body, sets the décolleté in scene and direct attention on your beautiful legs.

Significant features of the character type O:

  • big bust size
  • round belly
  • little waist
  • narrow shoulders (thinner than the waist)
  • wide hips
  • little Po
  • mostly slim legs
  • thin forearms

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Best Swimwear for Your Body Type

Shower curtain, bustier, Thong, BRA with bulge Sao so styles that you already do not know what to choose for the summer, right Check what are the main trends in swimwear plus size and see advice to choose the bikini or may that best fits your body and style

Fashion tips more size range

Learn six beachwear tips plus size that promise to make confident and more beautiful than you in the summer Continue reading “Best Swimwear for Your Body Type”

Comfortable Plus Size Jeans

Jeans are true fashion classic and never be boring. Jeans are available here in many colors and different styles-from body contoured to loose fit jeans. You can always re-invent and combine individually.

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