Test Helmets Nexx X.T1 Touring and X.R2 Sport

Nexx offers in its range two integral helmets specific for motorcyclists more oriented to the asphalt, one with sports characteristics, the X.R2 and another with tourist characteristics, the X.T1. Get to know them.

In recent months we have been testing the X.R2 Nexx helmets and X.T1 on different bikes and situations, and we are now in a position to be able to talk about them knowingly, both on their Characteristics as potential. Its appearance is solid and the paint provides a good finish that is in no way behind similar products of other brands. The vents of the ventilation ducts have a robust appearance and good functionality. The forms are well finished. Continue reading “Test Helmets Nexx X.T1 Touring and X.R2 Sport”

Shimano Brings to Brazil the Kabuto Helmets

With innovative technology and design in addition to strict quality control in manufacturing, Kabuto arrives in Brazil through a global partnership with Shimano, being exclusively distributed by Biape, aiming to be a reference in the segment, as it already occurs in Europe and Asia.

The exclusive models focus on the total safety and performance of cyclists, motorcyclists and riders. The Japanese brand is inspired by the armor of the Samurai, the most famous oriental warriors. The company offers a wide variety of equipment for beginners and professionals. The official launch of Kabuto in the Brazilian market took place on Wednesday(10), at the headquarters of Shimano Latin America, at Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo(SP) with the presence of brand director, Ryohei Wada of Japan. Is a Downhill athlete. Continue reading “Shimano Brings to Brazil the Kabuto Helmets”

The Fun Fishing for Peacock Bass Landed in Big ParanÁ

Hello friends fishermen!
Now that I moved to the city of Summerside, finally realized my dream: majestic Paraná River fishing, and after a long period of time, I managed to make a nice catch landed small Peacock bass and Joanne (Jacundás). To break this prejudice of the fisherman fishing in river is only made by boat, we can make a good catch of fish for small and medium businesses in the ravine. Continue reading “The Fun Fishing for Peacock Bass Landed in Big ParanÁ”

Adventure in a Tent Jugle 3 People

You know those questions about things you like to do in life and require courage? Parachute jumping, climbing, running the world … There are so many options! How about starting with a more practical, which anyway, can’t get you out of the common place? Camping! That’s right. With a little organization and a tent Jugle 3 people, you can go anywhere and enjoy the days away from civilization, in contact with nature, completely renovated and with many stories to tell. Hit that insecurity? Gather a group of friends and enjoy the adventure: that’s how you build the best moments of life. Continue reading “Adventure in a Tent Jugle 3 People”

How to Buy Football Shirts Aliexpress

In Brazil literally discourages buying shirts and soccer jerseys, because with the taxes you will not be able to find your team’s soccer shirt from the heart for less than 200 reais, of course the current shirts, without being the outdated that when you leave the line end up entering the promotion and you pay around 100 reais. Continue reading “How to Buy Football Shirts Aliexpress”

Performance Fitness Tour de France Bike

In the Tour de France, the Alps and the Pyrenees have a crucial role to play. It is on the high mountain climbs in the Tour is determined. But aside must climb a Tour winner also falls well because if you fall ill, because you can lose a lot of time. A col descend looks like a real art and is lovely to watch TV. Not for nothing, there is a book on this fascinating part of cycling: “Sinking Art” Martin Bons. What are the best performers in the Pack? And what decliners been throughout history the most? An overview.

Continue reading “Performance Fitness Tour de France Bike”

Inflatable Mattress, Futon Or Sleeping Bag?

Like everything in the camping, the choice of the equipment depends on the type of camping you want to practice, of on-call time, the structure of the place, of the climate that you face and how you’re going to carry it all. Let’s start. Continue reading “Inflatable Mattress, Futon Or Sleeping Bag?”

Sporty Chic Look

Who wants to be well dressed in everyday life, must Access not just to the uncomfortable high heels, or skin-tight pants out of the closet. On the contrary, the casual look is in vogue. Of course, this can mean also a skinny jeans, but as chinos or boot cut jeans in the everyday look are welcome. Continue reading “Sporty Chic Look”