Sporty Chic Look

Who wants to be well dressed in everyday life, must Access not just to the uncomfortable high heels, or skin-tight pants out of the closet. On the contrary, the casual look is in vogue. Of course, this can mean also a skinny jeans, but as chinos or boot cut jeans in the everyday look are welcome. Continue reading “Sporty Chic Look”

Roadtrip Through the USA

You dream of celebrating your wedding differently? Leave the classics aside and surprise them all? Then listen to your heart and wonder what kind of wedding would be exactly according to your taste? What have you always wanted to do? What do you particularly love and can it be combined with a somewhat different wedding?

The English couple Alice and Dean have exactly the same thoughts made and his wedding times differently celebrated: With a Roadtrip through the USA.With its unique landscape, it has done the two of the West Coast of America – just the right ambience for us to get married.And so they planned their own personal, different marriages with a wedding at the Eldorado Canyon in Nevada.Las Vegas and San Francisco, a dream come true for the bride and groom. Continue reading “Roadtrip Through the USA”

Moab Desert:the MTB’s World Capital with 814km of Trails!

The Moab Desert:at first sight a piece of sand and rock with beautiful scenery. Take a closer look and you will see that it is the largest mountain bike center in the world. And no, you did not read wrong:I said the world!

With over 800km of trail, the Moab Desert is for mountain biking just as Hawaii is for surfing, Tibet for mountaineering and Switzerland for skiing.If you are having a bit of trouble visualizing this, then prepare yourself.In the following paragraphs you will see the largest MTB center on the planet:the Moab Desert in Utah – United States. Continue reading “Moab Desert:the MTB’s World Capital with 814km of Trails!”

Mosqueando Gold

A crossing between rzepecki sill and step of the fatherland who was crowned with the super grand slam of Paraná: dorado, pira pita, pacu and Vogue.

Wanted rio Paraná, praise be, how generous you are. The second basin extension of South America and the eighth longest river on Earth usually give us fishermen infinite variants, and in this case met again incredibly. Without a doubt, the floods of last year have created life everywhere. Increased the food chain in tons of new youth, returning to enrich the waters of a river that would appear to be inexhaustible in its resources and who will return to exploit fish this summer season. Continue reading “Mosqueando Gold”

Bershka Sport Collection

Even Bershka combines with the general celebration of the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games and after the many tributes made ​​in the past to the Stars and stripes American, reasons that it has become a real must-have in the last period, here is the tribute brand to the iconic Union Jack English. It is not the first brand to letting himself be inspired by the event, by Jimmy Choo with its line of accessories, the new dancers Pretty Ballerinas of Waterproof Textile Collection line, it seems that the Olympics have become very fashion inspiring reason in the last period. The brand Discount luxury choose to think t-shirts, skirts, shorts and bags with this beautiful fantasy, let us examine them in detail. Continue reading “Bershka Sport Collection”